Name:Brockhole Borve Laird 
Colour:Grizzle and Tan 
Breeder:Deighton, Mr. H. 

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Name History

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DateNew Name

Siblings of Brockhole Borve Laird

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 2 records

Known AsDate 
Brockhole Baccleugh (D)16-09-1993Same Litter
Brockhole Brocken Spectre (D)16-09-1993Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - 22 records

Known AsDateSire
Brockhole Brigadier At Quatford (D)22-01-1990CH Milnthorpe Noble Sportsman At Bretcar
Brockhole Bosky (D)22-01-1990CH Milnthorpe Noble Sportsman At Bretcar
Brockhole Bubbles At Quatford (B)22-01-1990CH Milnthorpe Noble Sportsman At Bretcar
Brockhole Blue Belle At Quatford (B)22-01-1990CH Milnthorpe Noble Sportsman At Bretcar
Brockhole Busker (D)22-01-1990CH Milnthorpe Noble Sportsman At Bretcar
Brockhole Bugler (D)18-08-1990Fine Fellow
Brockhole Buccaneer (D)18-08-1990Fine Fellow
Brockhole Red Admiral (D)18-08-1990Fine Fellow
Brockhole Battle Blaze (D)18-08-1990Fine Fellow
Brockhole Bandsman (D)18-08-1990Fine Fellow
Brockhole Bumble Bee (B)05-03-1992Otterkin Pioneer
Brockhole Rekindled At Sutoby (D)05-03-1992Otterkin Pioneer
Brockhole Blue Bonnet At Sutoby (B)05-03-1992Otterkin Pioneer
Brockhole Blue Anemone (B)05-03-1992Otterkin Pioneer
Brockhole Borderlaise (B)05-03-1992Otterkin Pioneer
Brockhole Blue Magic (B)05-03-1992Otterkin Pioneer
Brockhole Blue Anenome (B)05-03-1992Otterkin Pioneer
Brockhole Beta Blocker (B)26-11-1994Brockhole Red Alert
Brockhole Brake (D)26-11-1994Brockhole Red Alert
Brockhole Brogue (D)26-11-1994Brockhole Red Alert
Brockhole Brimstone (D)26-11-1994Brockhole Red Alert
Brockhole Brave Reiver (D)26-11-1994Brockhole Red Alert

Same Sire Siblings - 283 records

Known AsDateDam
Master McDuff (D)Nettleby Lupin
Villathorn Tigers Eye (D)Plushcourt Thistle Too
Spinneyford Sherpa (D)12-03-1986Spinneyford Rebecca
CH Otterkin Tapestry (B)12-03-1986Otterkin Blue Brocade
CH Otterkin Singin' the Blues (B)12-03-1986Otterkin Blue Brocade
Cheltorian Melody (B)28-03-1986Cheltorian Mary
Nor/Fin CH Cheltorian Midnight (D)28-03-1986Cheltorian Mary
Cheltorian Mermaid (B)28-03-1986Cheltorian Mary
Am CH Cheltorian Mischief At Brumberhill (D)28-03-1986Cheltorian Mary
Cheltorian Merchant (D)28-03-1986Cheltorian Mary
Aquamist Aria (B)06-07-1986Breadwinner of Aquamist
Aquamist Adagio (D)06-07-1986Breadwinner of Aquamist
Aquamist Anthem (B)06-07-1986Breadwinner of Aquamist
Aquamist Andante (D)06-07-1986Breadwinner of Aquamist
Aquamist Allegro (D)06-07-1986Breadwinner of Aquamist
Ragsdale Royal Wedding (B)23-07-1986CH Ragsdale Blueberry
Brockhole Barnacle Bill (D)01-08-1986Fine Lady
Bobsan Bibi (B)15-08-1986Rubicon Ranee
Bibsan Bounderslea (D)15-08-1986Rubicon Ranee
Mullac A Boo (D)15-08-1986Rubicon Ranee
Babsan Bluebell (B)15-08-1986Rubicon Ranee
Brehill Winsome Lad (D)01-10-1986CH Brehill March Belle
Basil of Laithe Hill (D)06-10-1986Sallyanne of Flashley
Eignwye Top O'The Morning of Woodneuk (D)10-10-1986Vandameres Country Clover
Eignwye Fire N'smoke (D)10-10-1986Vandameres Country Clover
Eignwye Thatcher (D)10-10-1986Vandameres Country Clover
CH Eignwye What's What (D)10-10-1986Vandameres Country Clover
Eignwye Barney (D)10-10-1986Vandameres Country Clover
Eignwye Charlie (D)10-10-1986Vandameres Country Clover
Eignwye Top of the Morning of Woodneuk (D)10-10-1986Vandameres Country Clover
CH Eignwye Whats What (D)10-10-1986Vandameres Country Clover
Mansergh Duffle (B)23-10-1986CH Mansergh Toggle
CH Mansergh Denim JW (B)23-10-1986CH Mansergh Toggle
CH Mansergh Doublet At Plushcourt (D)23-10-1986CH Mansergh Toggle
Mansergh Dirndl of Otterbobs (B)23-10-1986CH Mansergh Toggle
Dancing Mischief (B)26-10-1986Dusty Pandora of Bellcross
Dancing Mischief of Bellcross (B)26-10-1986Dusty Pandora At Bellcross
Bonie Girl of Bellcross (B)26-10-1986Dusty Pandora At Bellcross
Wild Hope (B)11-12-1986Ryswick Rachael
Border Knight (D)11-12-1986Ryswick Rachael
Lyddington Last Post (D)25-12-1986CH Linne of Duthil
Lyddington Little Hero (D)25-12-1986CH Linne of Duthil
Lyddington Lookalike (B)25-12-1986CH Linne of Duthil
Sutoby Silouette (B)03-01-1987Sutoby Songster
Megstone Medlar (D)27-02-1987Welgrim Sea Daisy
Megstone Redstart of Welgrim (B)27-02-1987Welgrim Sea Daisy
Megstone Russett (D)27-02-1987Welgrim Sea Daisy
Megstone Whinchat of Romerie (B)27-02-1987Welgrim Sea Daisy
Crickhowell's Tiger (D)26-03-1987Campanologia Kidsty Pike
Tydfil Tiptoes (B)26-03-1987Campanologia Kidsty Pike
Baldo John Guest (D)26-03-1987Campanologia Kidsty Pike
Sirrom Dougal (D)26-03-1987Campanologia Kidsty Pike
Tasso Girl of Orchard (B)26-03-1987Campanologia Kidsty Pike
Redhill Mystery (B)27-03-1987Redhill Ragamuffin
Baron Broc of Leeds (D)27-03-1987Redhill Raggamuffin
Rollhan Pollyanna (B)27-03-1987Redhill Raggamuffin
Otterbeck Masa (D)03-04-1987Otterbeck Kilton Kousin
Otterbeck Free Spirit (B)03-04-1987Otterbeck Kilton Kousin
Otterbeck Acer (D)03-04-1987Otterbeck Kilton Kousin
Otterbeck Roll of Honour (D)03-04-1987Otterbeck Kilton Kousin
Belmire Beau (D)26-04-1987Belmire Topsy of Kirkham
Lady Bella of Belmire (B)26-04-1987Belmire Topsy of Kirkham
Just William (D)26-04-1987Belmire Topsy of Kirkham
Fairfoot Mr Barnum (D)02-06-1987Moonshine Cool Crystal of Fairfoot
Fairfoot the Phantoms Love (B)02-06-1987Moonshine Cool Crystal of Fairfoot
CH Fairfoot Mrs.Charity Barnum (B)02-06-1987Moonshine Cool Crystal At Fairfoot
Fairfoot Music of the Night (B)02-06-1987Moonshine Cool Crystal of Fairfoot
Fairfoot Mr.Barnum (D)02-06-1987Moonshine Cool Crystal At Fairfoot
Sutoby Songbird (B)25-06-1987Sutoby Songster
Sutoby Megan (B)25-06-1987Sutoby Songster
Sutoby Gengis Khan (D)25-06-1987Sutoby Songster
Sutoby Shadow At Basvale (B)25-06-1987Sutoby Songster
Sutoby Red Pepper (B)25-06-1987Sutoby Songster
Sutoby Pirate (D)25-06-1987Sutoby Songster
Birkhott Beck (B)04-07-1987Woodneuk Wild Rose
Birkhott Minstrel (D)04-07-1987Woodneuk Wild Rose
Quatford Lad (D)18-07-1987Tonromel Bonnie Girl
Quatford Earl (D)18-07-1987Tonromel Bonnie Girl
Quatford Sadie (B)18-07-1987Tonromel Bonnie Girl
Quatford Noble Man (D)18-07-1987Tonromel Bonnie Girl
Quatford Princess (B)18-07-1987Tonromel Bonnie Girl
Scawtons Jack the Lad (D)27-07-1987Beehive Tiny
Brandy of Coleshill (B)27-07-1987Beehive Tiny
Midnight Mitzi (B)27-07-1987Beehive Tiny
Baddesley Boy (D)27-07-1987Beehive Tiny
Lovate Laureate (D)31-07-1987Akenside Highlife of Lovate
Lovate Lisette (B)31-07-1987Akenside High Life of Lovate
Lovate Lucia (B)31-07-1987Akenside Highlife of Lovate
Lovate Lancerlot (D)31-07-1987Akenside Highlife of Lovate
Lovate Lulabell (B)31-07-1987Akenside Highlife of Lovate
Lovate Lumberjack (D)31-07-1987Akenside Highlife of Lovate
Lovate Ladybird of Tinkerstown (B)31-07-1987Akenside Highlife of Lovate
Lovate Lady Bird of Tinkerstown (B)31-07-1987Akenside High Life of Lovate
Whittimere Blue Moon (B)10-09-1987Cilla of Whittimere
Ben of Barrowhill (D)10-09-1987Cilla of Whittimere
Kelgram Blink Bonny (B)22-09-1987Kelgram This's Fern
Kelgram Blue Peter (D)22-09-1987Kelgram This's Fern
Kelgram Lord Lyon (D)22-09-1987Kelgram This's Fern
Kelgram Saucy Sam (D)22-09-1987Kelgram This's Fern
Kelgram Tudor Minstel (D)22-09-1987Kelgram This's Fern
Mitzi of Fenny (B)22-09-1987Kelgram This's Fern
Brumberhill Amber (B)24-09-1987Blue Minx of Brumberhill
Patrian Sebastian (D)15-10-1987Misty Silver Birch
Patrian Ferdinand (D)15-10-1987Misty Silver-Birch
Patrian Gale (B)15-10-1987Misty Silver Birch
Patrian Miranda (B)15-10-1987Misty Silver-Birch
Patrian Storm At Brinford (B)15-10-1987Misty Silver Birch
Blazeaway At Brumberhill (D)04-11-1987Timbertops Inkie Dollar
Plutos Proud Protector (D)04-11-1987Timbertops Inkie Dollar
Benjeman Bunker Ball (D)04-11-1987Timbertops Inkie Dollar
Hatop Eddie (D)04-11-1987Timbertops Inkie Dollar
Delaine Star Rustle (D)04-11-1987Timbertops Inkie Dollar
Woodend Blackie Tops (D)04-11-1987Timbertops Inkie Dollar
Illustrious of Stirkhill (D)04-12-1987Sutoby Saxon
Whalton Rumple (B)04-12-1987Sutoby Saxon
Hanway Tyler (B)29-12-1987Sutoby Solitaire
Hanway Boon (D)29-12-1987Sutoby Solitaire
Hanway Dire Straits (B)29-12-1987Sutoby Solitaire
Adoram Bramble of Andyville (B)07-01-1988Kelgram This's Dew
Adoram Bracken (D)07-01-1988Kelgram This's Dew
Beeley Cardinal (D)25-01-1988Dormic Scarlet O'Hara of Beeley
Beeley Commodore (D)25-01-1988Dormic Scarlet O'Hara of Beeley
Kailyard May Mischief (B)15-02-1988Padmac Rambler At Kailyard
Kailyard Cherry Ribband (B)15-02-1988Padmac Ramblerat Kailyard
Kailyard Strong Mac (D)15-02-1988Padmac Ramblerat Kailyard
CH Syrosa Reasonable Doubt of Risdene (B)21-02-1988Miss Conduct At Syrosa
Syrosa Sherry Spinner (B)21-02-1988Miss Conduct At Syrosa
NL CH Villathorn Tigers Eye At Brumberhill (D)20-03-1988Plushcourt Thistle Too
Villathorn Night Sapphire (B)20-03-1988Plushcourt Thistle Too
Sweet Memories (D)17-06-1988Miss Chief At Brumberhill
Juliet Louise of Warboys (B)01-07-1988Padmac Zigane of Titanium
Titanium Tenacity (B)01-07-1988Padmac Zigane of Titanium
Eastsole Heather Sandy (B)16-07-1988Turks Girl of Brumberhill
Hawkesburn Souna (B)10-09-1988Elke of Hawkesburn
Hawkesburn Rodney (D)10-09-1988Elke of Hawkesburn
Hawkesburn Muffet (B)10-09-1988Elke of Hawkesburn
Hawkesburn Millie (B)10-09-1988Elke of Hawkesburn
Hawkesburn Bruin (D)10-09-1988Elke of Hawkesburn
Otterkin Blue Ribbon At Basvale (B)28-09-1988Otterkin Blue Brocade
Claran Baretta (D)07-10-1988Piety of Meadlodge And Claran
Claran Baccarat (D)07-10-1988Piety of Meadlodge And Claran
Claran Backchat (B)07-10-1988Piety of Meadlodge And Claran
Biddestone Blue Pearl (B)15-10-1988Biddestone Puzzle
Biddestone Pickled Pepper (D)15-10-1988Biddestone Puzzle
Biddestone Badger (D)15-10-1988Biddestone Puzzle
Biddestone Blue Pebble (B)15-10-1988Biddestone Puzzle
Biddestone Weazel of Lyndonbrook (D)15-10-1988Biddestone Puzzle
Padmac Contralto (B)02-11-1988CH Padmac Madrigal Singer
Padmac Chantress (B)02-11-1988CH Padmac Madrigal Singer
Padmac Bandmaster At Dajumari (D)02-11-1988CH Padmac Madrigal Singer
Cedarcourt Vetch (D)18-11-1988Cedarcourt Salvia
Cedarcourt Vinca (D)18-11-1988Cedarcourt Salvia
Cedarcourt Vine (D)18-11-1988Cedarcourt Salvia
Cedarcourt Viola (B)18-11-1988Cedarcourt Salvia
Cedarcourt Vitis (D)18-11-1988Cedarcourt Salvia
Cedarcourt Venidium (D)18-11-1988Cedarcourt Salvia
CH/NL CH Brumberhill Bedevilled (B)05-02-1989CH Brumberhill Bittersweet
Bramble Berry (B)21-03-1989Skell La Negrita
Otterkin Lucy (B)13-06-1989Otterkin Blue Brocade
Plushcourt Gossamer (B)06-07-1989Plushcourt Garter
Plushcourt Gourmet With Chesterton (D)06-07-1989Plushcourt Garter
Plushcourt Golly Gosh (B)06-07-1989Plushcourt Garter
Plushcourt Gee Whizz (B)06-07-1989Plushcourt Garter
Am CH Plushcourt Gangster (D)06-07-1989Plushcourt Garter
Plushcourt Geisha Girl (B)06-07-1989Plushcourt Garter
Plushcourt Gingham (D)06-07-1989Plushcourt Garter
Zoanna Black (B)21-07-1989Stirkhill Gypsy
Newpenny Lass (B)21-07-1989Stirkhill Gypsy
Geisha Girl (B)21-07-1989Stirkhill Gypsy
Genevieve Theodora (B)21-07-1989Stirkhill Gypsy
Party Girl (B)21-07-1989Stirkhill Gypsy
Quatford Baron (D)03-09-1989Tonromel Bonnie Girl
Quatford Countess (B)03-09-1989Tonromel Bonnie Girl
Quatford Baroness (B)03-09-1989Tonromel Bonnie Girl
Quatford Duchess (B)03-09-1989Tonromel Bonnie Girl
Quatford Marquis (D)03-09-1989Tonromel Bonnie Girl
Mickledale Boy (D)04-09-1989Nettleby Primrose of Basvale
Meadows Pippit (D)04-09-1989Nettleby Primrose of Basvale
Blue Megs (B)04-09-1989Nettleby Primrose of Basvale
Gentle Jill (B)04-09-1989Nettleby Primrose of Basvale
Bennington Toby (D)04-09-1989Nettleby Primrose of Basvale
Little Skipper (D)10-09-1989Rosedean Rascal
Busy Bee (B)10-09-1989Rosedean Rascal
Happy Talk (B)10-09-1989Rosedene Rascal
Blue Boy Minstrel (D)10-09-1989Rosedene Rascal
Claran Baytown (D)29-10-1989Piety of Meadlodge And Claran
Claran Blackthorn (D)29-10-1989Piety of Meadlodge And Claran
Hawkesburn Bobby (D)05-11-1989Elke of Hawkesburn
Hawkesburn Benjie (D)05-11-1989Elke of Hawkesburn
Hawkesburn Tweed (D)05-11-1989Elke of Hawkesburn
Hawkesburn Chaffinch (B)05-11-1989Elke of Hawkesburn
Hawkesburn Jamie (D)05-11-1989Elke of Hawkesburn
Risdene Barrister (D)28-11-1989Ragsdale Blue Crystal
Risdene Beyond Doubt (B)28-11-1989Ragsdale Blue Crystal
Risdene Broadly Speaking (D)28-11-1989Ragsdale Blue Crystal
Risdene Baroque Pearl (B)28-11-1989Ragsdale Blue Crystal
Eignwye Handsome Bertie (D)27-12-1989Eignwye Charmer
Eignwye Coconut (D)27-12-1989Eignwye Charmer
Eignwye Cobnut (D)27-12-1989Eignwye Charmer
Eignwye Walnut (D)27-12-1989Eignwye Charmer
Cedarcourt Wake Robin (D)26-01-1990Cedarcourt Salvia
Cedarcourt Whim (B)26-01-1990Cedarcourt Salvia
Cedarcourt Wattle (D)26-01-1990Cedarcourt Salvia
Cedarcourt Wild Rose (B)26-01-1990Cedarcourt Salvia
Cedarcourt Willow (B)26-01-1990Cedarcourt Salvia
Daleridge Skipper (D)07-02-1990Nettleby Lucerne
Daleridge Blue Raider (D)07-02-1990Nettleby Lucerne
Daleridge Admiral (D)07-02-1990Nettleby Lucerne
Daleridge Companion (D)07-02-1990Nettleby Lucerne
Daleridge Seth (D)07-02-1990Nettleby Lucerne
Elle's Nips (B)12-03-1990Megan of Mattersey
Honey Garth Dandy (B)12-03-1990Megan of Mattersey
Beaulieu's Bosun (D)12-03-1990Megan of Mattersey
Villathorn Ruby Princess (B)15-03-1990Plushcourt Thistle Too
Villathorn Cinnabar (D)15-03-1990Plushcourt Thistle Too
Villathorn Mystic Jade (D)15-03-1990Plushcourt Thistle Too
Villathorn Marcasite (B)15-03-1990Plushcourt Thistle Too
Mister Macdougall (D)01-04-1990Nettleby Lupin
Master Macduff (D)01-04-1990Nettleby Lupin
Mighty Macgregor (D)01-04-1990Nettleby Lupin
Major Maccallum (D)01-04-1990Nettleby Lupin
Flora Macdonald of Grindelvald (B)01-04-1990Nettleby Lupin
Brumberhill Bryn (D)23-04-1990CH Brumberhill Bittersweet
Brumberhill Bramble (B)23-04-1990CH Brumberhill Bittersweet
Brumberhill Bedazzled of Biddestone (B)23-04-1990CH Brumberhill Bittersweet
CH Brumberhill Bewitched (B)23-04-1990CH Brumberhill Bittersweet
Brumberhill Bianco (B)23-04-1990CH Brumberhill Bittersweet
Mistress of the Manor (B)03-06-1990Rudham Clematis
Lady Daisy Blue Belle (B)03-06-1990Rudham Clematis
Country Gentleman (D)03-06-1990Rudham's Clematis
Handsome Fella (D)03-06-1990Rudham's Clematis
Plushcourt Sweet Dreams (B)05-11-1990Plushcourt Dazzle
Plushcourt Blue Dagger (D)05-11-1990Plushcourt Dazzle
Plushcourt Day Dream (B)05-11-1990Plushcourt Dazzle
Blue Pirouette (B)11-12-1990Brumberhill Dizzy Blue
Albemarle Staffa (D)11-12-1990Brumberhill Dizzy Blue
Clystlands Light House (D)03-02-1991Clystlands Sea Spray
Clystlands Lighthouse (D)03-02-1991Clystlands Sea Spray
Gylaker Django (D)09-03-1991Gylaker Dear Prudence
Gylaker Dinah (B)09-03-1991Gylaker Dear Prudence
Gylaker Petite Fleur (B)09-03-1991Gylaker Dear Prudence
Brambley Hedge (B)06-04-1991Grimston Bestseller
Blue Beaver (D)06-04-1991Grimston Bestseller
Bouncer Boy (D)06-04-1991Grimston Bestseller
Badger King (D)06-04-1991Grimston Bestseller
Branham Prince (D)06-04-1991Grimston Bestseller
Eileens Crosy (B)16-05-1991Stirkhill Gypsy
Brumberhill Red Prince (D)15-06-1991CH Brumberhill Bittersweet
Brumberhill Sandstone (B)15-06-1991CH Brumberhill Bittersweet
Brumberhill Bemused (B)15-06-1991CH Brumberhill Bittersweet
Brumberhill Briar Rose (B)15-06-1991CH Brumberhill Bittersweet
Plushcourt Guessing (B)27-06-1991Plushcourt Garter
Plushcourt Grafter (D)27-06-1991Plushcourt Garter
Plushcourt Georgette (B)27-06-1991Plushcourt Garter
Plushcourt Glory Bee (B)27-06-1991Plushcourt Garter
Plushcourt Guardsman (D)27-06-1991Plushcourt Garter
Gonalston Lady (B)28-06-1991Finale Pride of Huntcombe
Gonalston Bright Lass (B)28-06-1991Finale Pride of Huntcombe
Waterloo Boy (D)28-06-1991Finale Pride of Huntcombe
Winterton Spitfire (D)21-09-1991Pretty Amazing
Waddington Wonderer (D)21-09-1991Pretty Amazing
Warrants Beaut (D)21-09-1991Pretty Amazing
Laneham Lad (D)21-09-1991Pretty Amazing
Taxal True To Be Good of Royday (B)14-10-1991Royday Time Star
Taxal Take It From Here (B)14-10-1991Royday Time Star
Taxal Not So Dusty (B)14-10-1991Royday Time Star
Taxal Late For Dinner (B)14-10-1991Royday Time Star
Royday Stay Lucky (B)26-10-1991Royday Rambling Rose
Royday Run Free (B)26-10-1991Royday Rambling Rose
Royday Zest For Life (D)26-10-1991Royday Rambling Rose
Bran Mined (B)12-04-1992CH Mansergh Denim JW
Ribbleside Rambler (D)27-04-1992Derwood Kirnbeck
Ribbleside Rock (D)27-04-1992Derwood Kirnbeck
B/L/NL/INT CH Ribbleside Rogue (D)27-04-1992Derwood Kirnbeck
Loodal Chiff-Chaff (D)07-05-1992Lexing Sweet Brier
Loodal Chit Chat (B)07-05-1992Lexing Sweet Brier
Loodal Cool Cookie (D)07-05-1992Lexing Sweet Brier
Royday Dance On (B)20-07-1992Dixie Doo
Royday Dusty (D)20-07-1992Dixie Doo
Royday Just Ok (B)20-07-1992Dixie Doo
Royday Midnight (B)20-07-1992Dixie Doo
Royday Roys Luck (D)20-07-1992Dixie Doo
Royday Macho (D)20-07-1992Dixie Doo