Barrowaydem Montrachet At Grindelvald


Name:Barrowaydem Montrachet At Grindelvald 
Colour:Grizzle and Tan 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Progeny of Barrowaydem Montrachet At Grindelvald - 1 records

Known AsDateEx
CH Grindelvald In Full Cry JW (D)02-07-2008CH Otterwood Amex JW ShCM (Slem: Carrier)

Siblings of Barrowaydem Montrachet At Grindelvald

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 8 records

Known AsDate 
Barrowaydem Bordeaux Beaus (D)26-07-2004Same Litter
Barrowaydem Chianti Caress (B)26-07-2004Same Litter
Barrowaydem Corbiers Cutie (B)26-07-2004Same Litter
Barrowaydem Malbec Might At Grindelvald JW (D)26-07-2004Same Litter
Barrowaydem Mello Merlot (D)26-07-2004Same Litter
Barrowaydem Montrachet At Grindelvald (B)26-07-2004Same Litter
Barrowaydem Sweet Semillon (B)26-07-2004Same Litter
Barrowaydem Tipsy Touriga (D)26-07-2004Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - None Recorded

Same Sire Siblings - 149 records

Known AsDateDam
Montracle It's Archie (D)Shekldean Dark Spice
Raeburnfoot Guy (D)Raeburnfoot Luella
Montracle Piper Skirl (B)23-02-2001Shekldean Dark Spice
Montracle Fields of Barley (D)23-02-2001Shekldean Dark Spice
Montracle Josh-N-Go (D)23-02-2001Shekldean Dark Spice
Jakabbea Molly (B)29-06-2001Straight Lucky To Jakabbea
Jakabbea Themba (B)29-06-2001Straight Lucky To Jakabbea
Bob the Builder (D)15-07-2001Feisty First
Nettleby Smooth Operator (B)19-01-2002Nettleby Aint Misbehavin
Nettleby Quick As A Flash (D)19-01-2002Nettleby Aint Misbehavin
Nettleby Hotshot (B)19-01-2002Nettleby Aint Misbehavin
Pherjan Home Alone (D)01-02-2002Dormic Tipsy Linnett At Pherjan
Nettleby Skullduggery (D)12-03-2002Nettleby Sticky Fingers
Nettleby Balrog (D)12-03-2002Nettleby Sticky Fingers
Nettleby Butterbur (B)12-03-2002Nettleby Sticky Fingers
Nettleby Daisy Ring (B)12-03-2002Nettleby Sticky Fingers
Nettleby Quen Mab (B)12-03-2002Nettleby Sticky Fingers
Nettleby Skulldugery (D)12-03-2002Nettleby Sticky Fingers
Ottaswell Juggler (D)18-03-2002Stoneygin Tinkerbell At Ottaswell
Ottaswell Jubilee (B)18-03-2002Stoneygin Tinkerbell At Ottaswell
Ottaswell Joker (D)18-03-2002Stoneygin Tinkerbell At Ottaswell
Ottaswell Jingler (D)18-03-2002Stoneygin Tinkerbell At Ottaswell
Ottaswell Jester (D)18-03-2002Stoneygin Tinkerbell At Ottaswell
Farmway Spring Chicken (B)09-05-2002Farmway Winter Wagtail
Farmway Polly Pintail (B)09-05-2002Farmway Winter Wagtail
CH Farmway Night Owl (D)09-05-2002Farmway Winter Wagtail
Farmway Merry Martin (D)09-05-2002Farmway Winter Wagtail
Farmway Jolly Jay (B)09-05-2002Farmway Winter Wagtail
Farmway Cuckoo Song (B)09-05-2002Farmway Winter Wagtail
Farmway Sand Martin (D)09-05-2002Farmway Winter Wagtail
Kighill Tantalizing Taz (D)25-05-2002Kighill Poppet
Kighill Hazy Daisy (B)25-05-2002Kighill Poppet
Kighill Archie Williams (D)25-05-2002Kighill Poppet
Kighill Charming Lucy (B)25-05-2002Kighill Poppet
Kighill Jack Spratt (D)25-05-2002Kighill Poppet
Kighill Mischief (B)25-05-2002Kighill Poppet
Telperion Popstar (B)03-07-2002Tyrian Maid of Memphis
Foreign Affair (B)22-07-2002Weegee Wee Glance
Skegaleg Careless Whisper (B)22-07-2002Weegee Wee Glance
Cedarhill Splish Splash (B)10-08-2002Totherend Tick Tock
Cedarhill Little Leo (D)10-08-2002Totherend Tick Tock
Cedarhill Indian Prince (D)10-08-2002Totherend Tick Tock
Cedarhill Jesters Jacket (D)10-08-2002Totherend Tick Tock
Cedarhill Vision (D)10-08-2002Totherend Tick Tock
Montracle Pickpocket (D)05-09-2002Shekldean Dark Spice
Brooksbys Hey Jude (B)20-10-2002Conundrum Pure Coincidence For Brooksbys
Raeburnfoot Cascade At Pherjan (B)05-11-2002Raeburnfoot Luella
Billy Fixit (D)02-12-2002Bronze Bracken
Little Miss Clever (B)02-12-2002Bronze Bracken
Mister Do It Yourself (D)02-12-2002Bronze Bracken
Highfield Foxglove (B)14-12-2002Northlear Oriela
Sloe Snowdrop (B)06-02-2003Brambly Bumble
Bluebell Spring (B)06-02-2003Brambly Bumble
Oak Woody (D)06-02-2003Brambly Bumble
Willow Down (D)06-02-2003Brambly Bumble
Beech Mast of Raezhaven (D)06-02-2003Brambly Bumble
Hazel Nutkins (D)06-02-2003Brambly Bumble
Damson Delight (B)06-02-2003Brambly Bumble
Justrite Joydixie (B)17-02-2003Farmway Wicked Wigeon With Justrite
Softas Moss (D)09-03-2003Lansdown Lass
Wee Dapper Monty Monarda (D)09-03-2003Lansdown Lass
Sweetnetti Nettle (B)09-03-2003Lansdown Lass
Imas Pretty As Mayblossom (B)09-03-2003Lansdown Lass
Miss Sweetpea Body (B)09-03-2003Lansdown Lass
Henry Brock Fitzroy (D)13-06-2003Otters Pride
Sandy Bank (D)16-06-2003Hot Gossip
Wicked Rumour (B)16-06-2003Hot Gossip
Chinese Whisper At Fairhambrook (B)16-06-2003Hot Gossip
Mr Sand Man (D)16-06-2003Hot Gossip
Whispering Grass Borterra (B)16-06-2003Hot Gossip
Pure Scandal (B)16-06-2003Hot Gossip
Keldanway Make My Day At Diznee (D)21-06-2003Secret Blue of Keldanway
Keldanway Heatseeker (D)21-06-2003Secret Blue of Keldanway
Keldanway Cool Breeze (B)21-06-2003Secret Blue of Keldanway
Keldanway Misty Buff (B)21-06-2003Secret Blue of Keldanway
Keldanway Just William (D)21-06-2003Secret Blue of Keldanway
Keldanway Sir Lancelot (D)21-06-2003Secret Blue of Keldanway
Kenmilltri Louisiana (B)04-07-2003Montgomery's Girl
Kenmilltri Dakota (D)04-07-2003Montgomery's Girl
Winthrop Idaho (D)04-07-2003Montgomery's Girl
Kenmilltri Arizona (D)04-07-2003Montgomery's Girl
Kenmilltri Carolina (B)04-07-2003Montgomery's Girl
Kenmilltri Georgia (B)04-07-2003Montgomery's Girl
Kenmilltri Kentucky (D)04-07-2003Montgomery's Girl
Thistlebrake Trefoil (B)05-07-2003Shawlands Woodlark
Thistlebrake Lemon Thyme (B)05-07-2003Shawlands Woodlark
Thistlebrake Teasel (B)05-07-2003Shawlands Woodlark
Thistlebrake Topper (B)05-07-2003Shawlands Woodlark
Royday Ned (D)10-08-2003Royday Tunnel Digger
Royday Riskie (B)10-08-2003Royday Tunnel Digger
Royday Goldring (B)10-08-2003Royday Tunnel Digger
Otterwood Rain (B)16-08-2003Badgerholme the Oakes At Otterwood
Otterwood Storm (D)16-08-2003Badgerholme the Oakes At Otterwood
Otterwood Mist (B)16-08-2003Badgerholme the Oakes At Otterwood
Otterwood Breeze (B)16-08-2003Badgerholme the Oakes At Otterwood
Am CH Otterwood Glory (B)16-08-2003Badgerholme the Oakes At Otterwood
Follybreeze Olivine (B)29-08-2003Brooksbys Nidorina
Follybreeze Ahzurite (B)29-08-2003Brooksbys Nidorina
Follybreeze Cinnabar (D)29-08-2003Brooksbys Nidorina
Follybreeze Galena (B)29-08-2003Brooksbys Nidorina
Keldanway Yesterday At Kgshancy (B)21-09-2003Royday Portrait of A Lady of Keldanway
Keldanway Lucky Dip (B)21-09-2003Royday Portrait of A Lady of Keldanway
Keldanway Tutti Frutti (B)21-09-2003Royday Portrait of A Lady of Keldanway
Keldanway Say Hello (B)21-09-2003Royday Portrait of A Lady of Keldanway
Keldanway Jessie James (D)21-09-2003Royday Portrait of A Lady of Keldanway
Keldanway Wild King (D)21-09-2003Royday Portrait of A Lady of Keldanway
Working Undercover (D)04-10-2003Brushflower Bluest Bell
Expert Trail Blazer (D)04-10-2003Brushflower Bluest Bell
Some Serious Sniffs Going On (D)04-10-2003Brushflower Bluest Bell
I'm On the Case (D)04-10-2003Brushflower Bluest Bell
Scent Master (D)04-10-2003Brushflower Bluest Bell
Captain Bracken (D)09-10-2003Picer Sante Lupin
Alfie Brook (D)09-10-2003Picer Sante Lupin
Penny Willow (B)09-10-2003Picer Sante Lupin
Raeburnfoot Mulled Wine (B)17-12-2003Raeburnfoot Luella
Raeburnfoot Cinnamon (B)17-12-2003Raeburnfoot Luella
Raeburnfoot Brandied Apple (B)17-12-2003Raeburnfoot Luella
Raeburnfoot Noel (D)17-12-2003Raeburnfoot Luella
Buster of Laxton (D)27-03-2004Weegee Wee Glance
Secret Warrior (D)09-06-2004Fairley Certain
Lavender Sent (B)09-06-2004Fairley Certain
Sweet Little Nothing (B)09-06-2004Fairley Certain
Spring Spirit (B)10-06-2004Athena Nike
Forgemartins Dash (D)30-08-2004Forgemartins Tiggy Winkle
Forgemartins Dove (B)30-08-2004Forgemartins Tiggy Winkle
Forgemartins Dazzle (B)30-08-2004Forgemartins Tiggy Winkle
Dajean Scottish Piper (D)24-09-2004Priceless Primrose
Dajean Scots Piper (D)24-09-2004Priceless Primrose
Dajean Royal Piper (D)24-09-2004Priceless Primrose
Smartstone Capstan (D)17-10-2004Smartstone Pippa
Smartstone Holly (B)17-10-2004Smartstone Pippa
Smartstone Chorus (B)17-10-2004Smartstone Pippa
Gameway Cranberry At Crichway (B)24-12-2004Gameway Red Cherry
Gameway Candy Cane With Bandicoot (B)24-12-2004Gameway Red Cherry
Gameway Chocolate Orange (B)24-12-2004Gameway Red Cherry
Gameway Spice (B)24-12-2004Gameway Red Cherry
Cynetkoy Dawn Shadow (B)12-03-2005Mystical Minstrel
Barney Be Good At Hornthorpe (D)21-03-2005Cumberland Lass
Hemlockstone Will O The Wisp (D)19-10-2005Nimuck Red Bud
Hemlockstone Jinni ShCM (B)19-10-2005Nimuck Red Bud
Bandicoot April Storm (D)04-04-2006Jephanil Rosa Pomifera
Towden Storm Diver At Laurelton (D)15-04-2006Towden Peaberry Espresso
Towden Felicity Pipit (B)15-04-2006Towden Peaberry Espresso
Thornleyhaugh Thistle (B)11-08-2006Lockhaugh Diesel Down
Timeza Waiting (B)02-03-2007Hawksfold Mistletoe
Westmarte Capalgo Time At Visrie (D)01-10-2007Smartstone Daphine
Westmarte Lola At Visrie (B)12-12-2008Smartstone Daphne
Hartswelin Tornado at Southash (D)22-09-2012Hartswelin Tip Top
Hartswelin Monsoon (B)22-09-2012Hartswelin Tip Top