Lorrivale Bethany At Riverteigne


Name:Lorrivale Bethany At Riverteigne 
Colour:Grizzle and Tan 
Owner(s): J & M Lewis-Clarke  

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name
26-12-2013Lorrivale Bethany At Riverteigne

Progeny of Lorrivale Bethany At Riverteigne - 2 records

Known AsDateEx
Riverteign Ripple (B)21-02-2010CH Benattivo Rock Robin (Slem: Clear)
Riverteign Romance (B)22-10-2011CH Grindelvald In Full Cry JW

Siblings of Lorrivale Bethany At Riverteigne

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 1 records

Known AsDate 
Lorrivale Lerryn of Olderhill (B)18-12-2007Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - 1 records

Known AsDateSire
Lorrivale Love Story (B)23-01-2011Olderhill Athos at Lorrivale

Same Sire Siblings - 41 records

Known AsDateDam
Clipstone Blanc Cheque (B)04-04-2002CH Clipstone Red Cent
CH Clipstone Hard Cash (D)04-04-2002CH Clipstone Red Cent
Clipstone Legal Tender (D)04-04-2002CH Clipstone Red Cent
Clipstone New Penny (B)04-04-2002CH Clipstone Red Cent
Clipstone Ready Money (B)04-04-2002CH Clipstone Red Cent
Dowgri Devotion (B)23-09-2002Maiden Wales For Dowgri
Dowgri Destiny (B)23-09-2002Maiden Wales For Dowgri
CH Dowgri Debut (B)23-09-2002Maiden Wales For Dowgri
Stowey Jackpot (D)01-07-2003Annesuz Marmalade
Stowey Bright Button (B)01-07-2003Annesuz Marmalade
Stowey Crackerjack (D)01-07-2003Annesuz Marmalade
Stowey Fiery Fred (D)01-07-2003Annesuz Marmalade
Stowey Magic Lantern (B)01-07-2003Annesuz Marmalade
Stowey Scrumpy Jack (D)01-07-2003Annesuz Marmalade
Malbrant Thornberry (D)05-09-2003Malbrant Charity
Malbrant Griffin (D)05-09-2003Malbrant Charity
Malbrant Falcon (D)05-09-2003Malbrant Charity
Malbrant Fair Warning (D)05-09-2003Malbrant Charity
Malbrant Brandy (D)05-09-2003Malbrant Charity
Malbrant Harrier (D)05-09-2003Malbrant Charity
Haseley Hillyard (D)21-09-2003Haseley Heaven Sent
Haseley Hortensia (B)21-09-2003Haseley Heaven Sent
Haseley Harriet (B)21-09-2003Haseley Heaven Sent
Haseley Halva (B)21-09-2003Haseley Heaven Sent
Haseley Halifax (D)21-09-2003Haseley Heaven Sent
Grovedown High Status (D)14-11-2003Grovedown October Song
Hurry Hurricane (D)12-06-2004Strike A Light
Hale Road Hetty (B)12-06-2004Strike A Light
Happy Hippy Chick (B)12-06-2004Strike A Light
Hedgehog Titch (D)12-06-2004Strike A Light
Horizon Hale (D)12-06-2004Strike A Light
Hoovers Top Hat (D)12-06-2004Strike A Light
Heggarty Heather (B)12-06-2004Strike A Light
Hobgoblin Hebe (B)20-07-2005Coxey Green Lavender
Clipstone Tailor (D)23-10-2005Clipstone Bespoke
Clipstone Tweed At Bramblequst (B)23-10-2005Clipstone Bespoke
Cobstoneway Moonlight (B)09-12-2005Springhill Pacify of Cobstoneway
Hartswelin She's Magic (B)01-02-2006Hartswelin Jazz (Slem: Clear)
Kenmillix Sunset Dream (B)05-07-2006Sweet Lady Bracken
Clipstone Terra (B)28-09-2007Clipstone Gold Digger
Borderby's English Ebony (B)23-03-2008Borderby's Elektra