Name:Kighill Diamond 
Colour:Dark Grizzle And Tan 
Owner(s): Mr B & Mrs K A Newsome  
Breeder:Mr B & Mrs K A Newsome 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Progeny of Kighill Diamond - 1 records

Known AsDateEx
Kighill Pip Pip Hooray (B)20-04-2011CH Grindelvald In Full Cry JW

Siblings of Kighill Diamond

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 2 records

Known AsDate 
Kighill Mister Clooney (D)22-10-2008Same Litter
Kighill True Blue (D)22-10-2008Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - 2 records

Known AsDateSire
Kighill Cheeky Minky (B)03-11-2007CH/Am/Can CH Conundrum Co-Writer
Kighill Ellie Ellie (B)03-11-2007CH/Am/Can CH Conundrum Co-Writer

Same Sire Siblings - 147 records

Known AsDateDam
Conundrum Iron Lady (B)Conundrum Soliloquy
Gameway Royal Blue (B)Gameway Masquerade
Gameway Sky Blue (B)Gameway Masquerade
Gameway Summer Blue (B)Gameway Masquerade
Mowberry Union Jack (D)10-06-2002Mowberry Easter Parade
Mowberry Golden Reign (D)10-06-2002Mowberry Easter Parade
Mowberry Plain Jane (B)10-06-2002Mowberry Easter Parade
Squire of Kinross (D)02-07-2002Miss Marple
Rose of Balmaclellan (B)02-07-2002Miss Marple
Kennoway Star (D)02-07-2002Miss Marple
Braemore Blue Lass (B)02-07-2002Miss Marple
Cherapippin Pansy (B)24-07-2002Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Percy (D)24-07-2002Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Petunia (B)24-07-2002Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Piebald (D)24-07-2002Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Piggott (D)24-07-2002Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Pom Pom (B)24-07-2002Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Pollyamthis (B)24-07-2002Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Primrose (B)24-07-2002Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Poplar (D)24-07-2002Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Lutrabeck Laird (D)30-09-2002CH Lutrabeck Limerick
Lutrabeck Lysander (D)30-09-2002CH Lutrabeck Limerick
Lutrabeck Locket (B)30-09-2002CH Lutrabeck Limerick
A Good Old Guiness (D)10-11-2002Shiris Delight
Coco Loco (D)10-11-2002Shiris Delight
Ginger Fizz (B)10-11-2002Shiris Delight
Cassie My Lassie (B)10-11-2002Shiris Delight
Pudsey Bear (D)10-11-2002Shiris Delight
Rememberance Dae (B)10-11-2002Shiris Delight
My Last Rolo (D)10-11-2002Shiris Delight
Tia On Ice (B)10-11-2002Shiris Delight
Conundrum Him To the Blue At Crossreguill (D)21-01-2003Conundrum Twist of Fate
Gameway Indigo (B)10-02-2003Gameway Masquerade
Gameway Lucky Lady (B)10-02-2003Gameway Masquerade
Gameway Soldier (D)10-02-2003Gameway Masquerade
Gameway Indigo At Benattivo (B)10-02-2003Gameway Masquerade
Fehmarn Misty Bayou At Riddlemedoo (B)06-03-2003Fehmarn Kiss N Run
Fehmarn Huckleberry Fin (D)06-03-2003Fehmarn Kiss N Run
Fehmarn Delta Queen (B)06-03-2003Fehmarn Kiss N Run
Fehmarn King Creole (D)06-03-2003Fehmarn Kiss N Run
Fehmarn Mardi Gras (D)06-03-2003Fehmarn Kiss N Run
Fehmarn Mint Julep (B)06-03-2003Fehmarn Kiss N Run
Fehmarn Misty Bayou (B)06-03-2003Fehmarn Kiss N Run
Beenaben Bomber (D)12-04-2003CH Swallow Hole Beenaben
Beenaben Bombshell (B)12-04-2003CH Swallow Hole Beenaben
Glenoak Magnus (D)27-05-2003Plushcourt Inexcess At Glenoak
Glenoak Moreton (D)27-05-2003Plushcourt Inexcess At Glenoak
Glenoak Molli (B)27-05-2003Plushcourt Inexcess At Glenoak
Glenoak MILLI (B)27-05-2003Plushcourt Inexcess At Glenoak
Bombax Julhia (B)27-06-2003Bombax Qute Embla
Conundrum Rambling Blues (D)01-09-2003Conundrum Soliloquy
Conundrum Whole Lotta Rosie At Comberdown (B)01-09-2003Conundrum Soliloquy
Conundrum With Every Wish (B)01-09-2003Conundrum Soliloquy
Cherapippin Quorn (D)01-09-2003Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Swe CH Conundrum Tangled Up In Blue (D)01-09-2003Conundrum Soliloquy
Cherapippin Quality (B)01-09-2003Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Quaint (B)01-09-2003Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Quizzical (B)01-09-2003Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Quinine (B)01-09-2003Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Quincey (D)01-09-2003Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Quartz (B)01-09-2003Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Quantock (D)01-09-2003Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Ruddleside Who's Your Daddy (D)23-09-2003Penticharm Level Best For Conundrum
Rubicon Raincloud ShCM (B)27-10-2003Rubicon Redhead
Rubicon Reward (B)27-10-2003Rubicon Redhead
Can CH Rubicon Remedy (B)27-10-2003Rubicon Redhead
Am CH Conundrum Take the High Road (D)26-11-2003Conundrum Twist of Fate
Conundrum Deacon Blue (D)26-11-2003Conundrum Twist of Fate
Conundrum Think Pink (B)26-11-2003Conundrum Twist of Fate
Brynrevel Denim Blue (D)05-12-2003Otterkin Moondance
Brynrevel Blueberry (B)05-12-2003Otterkin Moondance
Brynrevel Brandy Snap (B)05-12-2003Otterkin Moondance
Brynrevel Dancing Ember (B)11-12-2003Brynrevel Fire Dance
Brynrevel Blue Flame (B)11-12-2003Brynrevel Fire Dance
Brynrevel Blue Velvet (B)11-12-2003Brynrevel Fire Dance
Kenmilfore Hot Toddy (D)05-01-2004Shiris Delight
Who's Townsend (D)05-01-2004Shiris Delight
Tasker's McKenzie (D)05-01-2004Shiris Delight
Brodie Ride the Wave (D)05-01-2004Shiris Delight
Saul's Rafferty (D)05-01-2004Shiris Delight
Barley Bairn (D)05-01-2004Shiris Delight
Fehmarn Free 'n' Easy (D)30-01-2004Quatford Kiss 'n' Tell At Fehmarn
Fehmarn Free Time (D)30-01-2004Quatford Kiss 'n' Tell At Fehmarn
Fehmarn Freelander (B)30-01-2004Quatford Kiss 'n' Tell At Fehmarn
Fehmarn Future Flame At Riddlemedoo (B)30-01-2004Quatford Kiss 'n' Tell At Fehmarn
Majeika Red Sunset (B)20-04-2004Glen Mara Sweet Melody At Majeika
Majeika Red Charmer (D)20-04-2004Glen Mara Sweet Melody At Majeika
Majeika Red Sunset Over Sajeda (B)20-04-2004Glen Mara Sweet Melody At Majeika
Majeika Red Rooster (D)20-04-2004Glen Mara Sweet Melody At Majeika
Majeika Red Glenmara (D)20-04-2004Glen Mara Sweet Melody At Majeika
Majeika Red Wine (B)20-04-2004Glen Mara Sweet Melody At Majeika
Majeika Simply Red At Upend (B)20-04-2004Glen Mara Sweet Melody At Majeika
Majeika Red Red Wine (B)20-04-2004Glen Mara Sweet Melody At Majeika
Conundrum Nobody 'cept You (B)30-04-2004Conundrum Soliloquy
Conundrum Rock Steady Eddie (D)30-04-2004Conundrum Soliloquy
Conundrum Chimes of Freedom (D)30-04-2004Conundrum Soliloquy
Sextonmagic Blue Magic Skye (B)08-05-2004Magic Mill
Sextonmagic Blue Jeanie (B)08-05-2004Magic Mill
Sextonmagic Blue Magic Max (D)08-05-2004Magic Mill
Sextonmagic Red Ruby (B)08-05-2004Magic Mill
Sextonmagic Blue Moon (D)08-05-2004Magic Mill
Sextonmagic Bluebelle (B)08-05-2004Magic Mill
Sextonmagic Blue Danni (D)08-05-2004Magic Mill
Cherapippin Romancer (B)26-10-2004Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Reflection (B)26-10-2004Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Renelouan (B)26-10-2004Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Ridlertop (D)26-10-2004Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Rugratter (D)26-10-2004Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Reditch (D)26-10-2004Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Ratatatt (D)26-10-2004Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Rascal (D)26-10-2004Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Rusty Girl (B)26-10-2004Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Russian Doll (B)26-10-2004Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Conundrum Sweet Sir Galahad (D)04-02-2005Conundrum Twist of Fate
Conundrum Ruby Ossett (D)04-02-2005Conundrum Twist of Fate
Royaltain's Red Mellow (B)04-03-2005Royaltain's Red Ribbon
Oh Bee One Can Oh Bee At Fortyacre (D)20-04-2005Shiris Delight
Blue Boy Of Cairncurran (D)01-06-2005Miss Marple
Conundrum Betty Blue (B)07-07-2005Conundrum Soliloquy
Conundrum Malachite At Jaslou (D)07-08-2005Conundrum Soliloquy
Fishpool Shaken Not Stirred (D)10-09-2005Martha of Fishpool
Cherapippin Santa Marie (B)27-10-2005Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Cherapippin Star Light (B)27-10-2005Forgemartins Nesta With Cherapippin
Mascani Simba (D)27-04-2006Orenberg Tilly Trotter At Mascani
Bromscar Motorcycle Mama (B)26-05-2006Baywillow Sun Chime
Draycore Rokkafela At Kgills (D)16-03-2007Mascani Bramble
Mascani Hazelnut (B)28-08-2007Majeika Red Show Girl
Conundrum's Blue Legend At Southash (D)08-09-2007Conundrum Soliloquy
Hapsberg Red Red Wine (B)10-09-2007Hapsberg One Step Beyond
Hapsberg's In the Red With Oakpoint (D)10-09-2007Hapsberg One Step Beyond
Dugaden Dilemma At Artwork JW (B)12-09-2007Dugaden Vixen
Draycore Tigerliley (B)18-10-2007Mascani Bramble
Draycore Ottie (B)18-10-2007Mascani Bramble
Glebeheath Stan the Man (D)21-10-2008Badgerbeck Kinsai At Glebeheath
Glebeheath Milly the Mod At Badgerbeck (B)21-10-2008Badgerbeck Kinsai At Glebeheath
Mascani Daisy At Cynetkoy (B)22-10-2008Orenberg Tilly Trotter At Mascani
Brumborder River Scout To Ardenforest (D)18-03-2009Aldamar Aotearoa To Brumborder
Brumborder River Skipper at Shiftyfox (D) (Slem: Clear)18-03-2009Aldamar Aotearoa To Brumborder
Brumborder River Breeze (B)18-03-2009Aldamar Aotearoa To Brumborder
Brumborder River Explorer At Cynetkoy (D)18-03-2009Aldamar Aotearoa To Brumborder
Brumborder River Pirate (D)18-03-2009Aldamar Aotearoa To Brumborder
Otterwood Blueberri (B)11-06-2009Otterwood Ilex JW ShCM
CH Cobstoneway River Magic JW ShCM (D) (Slem: Clear)17-08-2009Cobstoneway Moonlight
Cobstoneway Bayou Sunrise (B) (Slem: Carrier)17-08-2009Cobstoneway Moonlight
Cobstoneway Lazy River (D)17-08-2009Cobstoneway Moonlight
CH Cobstoneway Moon River at Clipstone (B)17-08-2009Cobstoneway Moonlight
Cobstoneway Ocean Blue (D)17-08-2011Cobstoneway Moonlight