Brockhole Bubbles At Quatford


Name:Brockhole Bubbles At Quatford 
Colour:Blue and Tan 
Breeder:Deighton, Mr. H. 

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Name History

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Siblings of Brockhole Bubbles At Quatford

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 4 records

Known AsDate 
Brockhole Blue Belle At Quatford (B)22-01-1990Same Litter
Brockhole Bosky (D)22-01-1990Same Litter
Brockhole Brigadier At Quatford (D)22-01-1990Same Litter
Brockhole Busker (D)22-01-1990Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - 20 records

Known AsDateSire
Brockhole Bandsman (D)18-08-1990Fine Fellow
Brockhole Battle Blaze (D)18-08-1990Fine Fellow
Brockhole Red Admiral (D)18-08-1990Fine Fellow
Brockhole Buccaneer (D)18-08-1990Fine Fellow
Brockhole Bugler (D)18-08-1990Fine Fellow
Brockhole Rekindled At Sutoby (D)05-03-1992Otterkin Pioneer
Brockhole Bumble Bee (B)05-03-1992Otterkin Pioneer
Brockhole Borderlaise (B)05-03-1992Otterkin Pioneer
Brockhole Blue Magic (B)05-03-1992Otterkin Pioneer
Brockhole Blue Bonnet At Sutoby (B)05-03-1992Otterkin Pioneer
Brockhole Blue Anenome (B)05-03-1992Otterkin Pioneer
Brockhole Blue Anemone (B)05-03-1992Otterkin Pioneer
Brockhole Brocken Spectre (D)16-09-1993CH Brannigan of Brumberhill
Brockhole Baccleugh (D)16-09-1993CH Brannigan of Brumberhill
Brockhole Borve Laird (D)16-09-1993CH Brannigan of Brumberhill
Brockhole Brimstone (D)26-11-1994Brockhole Red Alert
Brockhole Brogue (D)26-11-1994Brockhole Red Alert
Brockhole Brave Reiver (D)26-11-1994Brockhole Red Alert
Brockhole Beta Blocker (B)26-11-1994Brockhole Red Alert
Brockhole Brake (D)26-11-1994Brockhole Red Alert

Same Sire Siblings - 37 records

Known AsDateDam
Noble Heir At Brockhole (D)23-03-1989Careless Wispa of Brumberhill
Taking Count (D)23-03-1989Careless Wispa of Brumberhill
D CH Langenby Lass At Brockhole (B)23-03-1989Careless Wispa of Brumberhill
Bright Beacon At Brockhole (B)23-03-1989Careless Wispa of Brumberhill
Bright Beacon of Brockhole (B)23-03-1989Careless Wispa of Brumberhill
Romerie Rajah (D)24-03-1989Megstone Whinchat of Romerie
Romerie Rebel (D)24-03-1989Megstone Whinchat of Romerie
Romerie Right of Way (D)24-03-1989Megstone Whinchat of Romerie
Romerie Romance (B)24-03-1989Megstone Whinchat of Romerie
Romerie Rustler (D)24-03-1989Megstone Whinchat of Romerie
Dormic Digby (D)25-08-1989CH Cinnamon of Dormic
Dormic Damaris To Gambolfern (D)25-08-1989CH Cinnamon of Dormic
Dormic Dante of Enterlaw (D)25-08-1989CH Cinnamon of Dormic
Dormic Dylan (D)25-08-1989CH Cinnamon of Dormic
Bretcar Pebble MILL (B)29-11-1989Bretcar Border Mist
Bretcar Biju (B)29-11-1989Bretcar Border Mist
Bretcar Beamish (D)29-11-1989Bretcar Border Mist
Bretcar Berrywell (D)29-11-1989Bretcar Border Mist
Rothach Hosta (B)02-12-1989Tarka Rudgate
The Philanderer (D)02-12-1989Tarka Rudgate
Friday Knight Mattroyds (D)02-12-1989Tarka Rudgate
Homeside Thom (D)02-12-1989Tarka Rudgate
Birchams Bess (B)21-01-1990Beltempest Blues of Birchams
Brockhole Blue Damsel (B)24-08-1990Careless Wispa of Brumberhill
Brockhole Borderman At Quatford (D)24-08-1990Careless Wispa of Brumberhill
Shawlands Sea Boots (D)04-08-1991Thoraldby Amberrine
D CH Shawlands Shipmate (D)04-08-1991Thoraldby Amberrine
Shawlands Ship Mate (D)04-08-1991Thoraldby Amberrine
Shawlands Sea Shanty (B)04-08-1991Thoraldby Amberrine
Shawlands Sea Breeze (B)04-08-1991Thoraldby Amberrine
Shawlands Digger (D)04-08-1991Thoraldby Amberrine
Rambling Flower Girl of Forgemartins (B)08-10-1991Hobhill Rough Diamond
Joss the Boss (D)08-10-1991Hobhill Rough Diamond
Rambling Flower Girl (B)08-10-1991Hobhill Rough Diamond
Crafty Kismet of Oriolton (B)08-10-1991Hobhill Rough Diamond
Keness Daisy (B)08-10-1991Hobhill Rough Diamond
Bretcar One And Only (D)14-05-1994Otterkin Peggy Sue