Name:Oxcroft Allspice 
Colour:Red Grizzle 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Ancestors of Oxcroft Allspice

Siblings of Oxcroft Allspice

Full Siblings - None Recorded

Same Dam Siblings - None Recorded

Same Sire Siblings - 92 records

Known AsDateDam
Kenmillone Just William (D)27-10-1999Oxcroft Singer
Oxcroft Barman (D)06-01-2000Oxcroft Rula
Oxcroft Rhoda (B)06-01-2000Oxcroft Rula
Oxcroft Jason (D)06-01-2000Oxcroft Rula
Oxcroft Sam (D)06-01-2000Oxcroft Rula
Oxcroft Robbie (D)06-01-2000Oxcroft Rula
Stoneygin Tinkerbell At Ottaswell (B)08-06-2000Stoneygin Lizzie Drippin
Oxcroft Regal At Trentdale (D)03-10-2000Oxcroft Raisen
Oxcroft Reaction At Treesong (B)03-10-2000Oxcroft Raisen
Oxcroft Rocco At Tameila (D)03-10-2000Oxcroft Raisen
Oxcroft Rattle (B)03-10-2000Oxcroft Raisen
Alcumlow Gypsy (B)31-01-2001Alcumlow Ooh Justa LIL Bit
Alcumlow Lace (B)31-01-2001Alcumlow Ooh Justa LIL Bit
Alcumlow Trinket (D)31-01-2001Alcumlow Ooh Justa LIL Bit
Alcumlow Traveller (D)31-01-2001Alcumlow Ooh Justa LIL Bit
Alcumlow Reet Petite (B)31-01-2001Alcumlow Ooh Justa LIL Bit
Oxcroft Ruffle (B)01-02-2001Oxcroft Rula
Oxcroft Thistle At Foxghyll (B)01-02-2001Oxcroft Rula
Oxcroft Ria of Breconbeds (B)01-02-2001Oxcroft Rula
Oxcroft Relish (B)01-02-2001Oxcroft Rula
Ambers Jewel (D)13-03-2001Jays Jewel
Amber Rhythm of Life (B)17-06-2001Kenwu House of Dreams
Star Turn of Royday (D)17-06-2001Kenwu House of Dreams
Bright Farm Bramble At Hirgwaun (B)17-06-2001Kenwu House of Dreams
Canterings Daisy (B)17-06-2001Kenwu House of Dreams
Ellander Hettie (B)17-06-2001Kenwu House of Dreams
Tojamatt Travelling Man (D)24-06-2001Reynard Harrier
Tojamatt Waterway Roamer (D)24-06-2001Reynard Harrier
Tojamatt Celtic Warrior (D)24-06-2001Reynard Harrier
Tojamatt Gypsy Lass (B)24-06-2001Reynard Harrier
Ginny Two At Geddington (B)09-07-2001Rosie New Dawn
Kenmillone Nolly (B)07-08-2001Aprile Rain
Kenmillone Lily (B)07-08-2001Aprile Rain
Kenmillone Fern (B)07-08-2001Aprile Rain
Kenmillone Jasmine (B)07-08-2001Aprile Rain
Kenmillone Thistles (B)07-08-2001Aprile Rain
Pingleview Alsyium (B)09-08-2001Farie Dancer
Daleview Aconitum (D)09-08-2001Farie Dancer
Studfield Holly (B)09-08-2001Farie Dancer
Rushford Shooting Star (B)29-11-2001Grindelvald Jenny Wren At Rushford
Little Red Cowboy (D)29-11-2001Fairley Certain
Brynrevel Charlie Parker At Brithdir (D)24-12-2001Otterkin Moondance
Brynrevel Moonlight (D)24-12-2001Otterkin Moondance
Brynrevel Celtic Dancer (B)24-12-2001Otterkin Moondance
Starlight Twinkle (B)10-01-2002Acer Brown
You Know the Rules (D)08-07-2002Lynn Tipler At Nickeltweed
Tweedy's Tipple At Nickeltweed (B)08-07-2002Lynn Tipler At Nickeltweed
Blue Rock of the Brook (B)08-07-2002Lynn Tipler At Nickeltweed
Kareso Tinkers Choice (B)27-07-2002Yorkshire Belle
Kareso Northern Dream (B)27-07-2002Yorkshire Belle
Kareso Cheshire Belle (B)27-07-2002Yorkshire Belle
Kenmillto Crusader (D)08-09-2002Faithful One At Bramblebee
Saredon Red Rough (B)09-09-2002Queensway Babe of Beeley
Saredon Ready To Go (B)09-09-2002Queensway Babe of Beeley
Lawton Lass At Trentdale (B)14-04-2003Kenmillen Lively Lass
Saredon Crystal Glow (B)17-05-2003Dymanti Charmaway
Saredon Country Charmer of Fobbingacre (D)17-05-2003Dymanti Charmaway
Saredon Cosmic Girl (B)17-05-2003Dymanti Charmaway
Saredon Copper Coin (D)17-05-2003Dymanti Charmaway
Saredon Country Rambler (D)17-05-2003Dymanti Charmaway
Saredon Crystal Ice of Fobbingacre (B)17-05-2003Dymanti Charmaway
Tibbyted Handsome King (D)28-12-2003Colbeach Sensation
Choctaw Miss Makenzi (B)20-04-2004Kathy's Choice
Choctaw Gale (B)20-04-2004Kathy's Choice
Choctaw William (D)20-04-2004Kathy's Choice
Choctaw Souix (B)20-04-2004Kathy's Choice
Ranberwick May (B)04-05-2004Toffee Dumpling
Summer Blossom Berry (B)20-05-2004Forever Blue Tessy
Mg Silver Lady (B)20-05-2004Forever Blue Tessy
Angie's Brazen Beauty (B)20-05-2004Forever Blue Tessy
Redhot Delightful Digger (B)20-05-2004Forever Blue Tessy
Mickey Mayday Magic (D)20-05-2004Forever Blue Tessy
Enfield Rambling Rose (B)20-05-2004Forever Blue Tessy
Jaggers Paint It Black (D)20-05-2004Forever Blue Tessy
Regor's Revenge (D)22-07-2004Claudio's Dream
Mother's Stitched Us Up (B)22-07-2004Claudio's Dream
Shirley's Shock (B)22-07-2004Claudio's Dream
Shirl's Bingo Treat (B)22-07-2004Claudio's Dream
Popa's In the Lurch (D)22-07-2004Claudio's Dream
Foxghyll Tizer (D)09-08-2004Foxghyll Thimble
Foxghyll Treacle (B)09-08-2004Foxghyll Thimble
Foxghyll Tarka (D)09-08-2004Foxghyll Thimble
Foxghyll Benjamin (D)09-08-2004Foxghyll Thimble
Foxghyll Dudly (D)09-08-2004Foxghyll Thimble
Gypsywood Tinkerbelle (B)05-09-2004Kenmillto Filo
Gypsywood Prince (D)05-09-2004Kenmillto Filo
Gypsywood Ladyslad (D)05-09-2004Kenmillto Filo
Gypsywood Jerryboy (D)05-09-2004Kenmillto Filo
Gypsywood Fagan (D)05-09-2004Kenmillto Filo
Gypsywood Brandysnap (D)05-09-2004Kenmillto Filo
Gypsywood Bonny (B)05-09-2004Kenmillto Filo
Glenorchy Touch of Class (B)29-12-2004Oxcroft Rosie of Glenorchy