Name:Keep it Secret 
Colour:Red Grizzle 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Siblings of Keep it Secret

Full Siblings - None Recorded

Same Dam Siblings - 5 records

Known AsDateSire
Boss Man (D)10-03-2002Nilyke Eric
Fare Lady (B)10-03-2002Nilyke Eric
Fieldfare Fax (D)10-03-2002Nilyke Eric
Hello Chuck (D)10-03-2002Nilyke Eric
Impudent Miss (B)10-03-2002Nilyke Eric

Same Sire Siblings - 47 records

Known AsDateDam
Jack Frosts Rimy Whiskers (D)Mansditch Super Trooper
Nick Nack Paddiwack (D)Mansditch Super Trooper
Ptarmigm Tam (D)Mansditch Super Trooper
Zims Olonga Flower Power (B)Mansditch Super Trooper
Stokegolding Blues Honey (B)Mansditch Super Trooper
Hobhill Free Spirit (B)24-02-2000CH Hobhill Smart Enough
Simply Kite (D)09-10-2000Simply Suggar
Sugar Plum (B)09-10-2000Simply Suggar
Fairy Cake (B)09-10-2000Simply Suggar
Hazlenut Princess (B)09-10-2000Simply Suggar
Lady Sweet (B)09-10-2000Simply Suggar
Hesslemere Uphoria (B)03-03-2002Hobhill Just Magic
Hesslemere Upper Class (B)03-03-2002Hobhill Just Magic
Hesslemere Upbeat (D)03-03-2002Hobhill Just Magic
Hesslemere Unspoken (B)03-03-2002Hobhill Just Magic
Hesslemere Uproar (D)03-03-2002Hobhill Just Magic
Messina Jinx (B)25-06-2002Bunty Bee
Tertia Agrippa (B)25-06-2002Bunty Bee
Springs Primo (D)25-06-2002Bunty Bee
Gamekeeper Dan's Border (D)02-01-2003Mansditch Super Trooper
Secret Black Magic (D)11-03-2003Simply Suggar
Precious Kite (D)11-03-2003Simply Suggar
Simply Vanilla (B)11-03-2003Simply Suggar
Soaring Surprise (D)11-03-2003Simply Suggar
Arrowrymoss Dan (D)11-03-2003Simply Suggar
Sugar Plum Fairy (B)11-03-2003Simply Suggar
Chetton Cuthbert (D)18-10-2003Pennilan Grub
Blundells Barney (D)18-10-2003Pennilan Grub
Harlestone Dibble (B)18-10-2003Pennilan Grub
Penpoll Pugh (B)18-10-2003Pennilan Grub
Boswell Boy (D)28-03-2004Rodmead Crossword At Pipeplace
Ozzie Osset (D)28-03-2004Rodmead Crossword At Pipeplace
Herbi Haka (D)28-03-2004Rodmead Crossword At Pipeplace
Archie Bold (D)28-03-2004Rodmead Crossword At Pipeplace
Jasper Japes (D)28-03-2004Rodmead Crossword At Pipeplace
Molly Moppet (B)28-03-2004Rodmead Crossword At Pipeplace
Nikonis Sweet Amber (B)06-05-2004Hobhill More Magic
Nikonis Candy Girl (B)06-05-2004Hobhill More Magic
Nikonis Get Busy (D)06-05-2004Hobhill More Magic
Nikonis No Looking Back (D)06-05-2004Hobhill More Magic
Nikonis Short 'n' Sweet (D)06-05-2004Hobhill More Magic
Ena Linda Wood (B)16-08-2004Brooch Chestnut
Jasper Wanderer (D)16-08-2004Brooch Chestnut
Ella Eastermain (B)16-08-2004Brooch Chestnut
She's All Pride And Joy (B)08-11-2004Picer Sante Lupin
Brookwillow George (D)08-11-2004Picer Sante Lupin
Midnight Mama Cass (B)08-11-2004Picer Sante Lupin