Otterkin Mystery Within Conundrum


Name:Otterkin Mystery Within Conundrum 
Colour:Blue and Tan 
Breeder:Wilkinson, K. 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Progeny of Otterkin Mystery Within Conundrum - 26 records

Known AsDateEx
Conundrum Locket (B)08-12-1993CH Dandyhow Claudius
Conundrum Love Lace At Glenlorian (B)08-12-1993CH Dandyhow Claudius
Conundrum Lodestar (D)08-12-1993CH Dandyhow Claudius
Conundrum Lightning (B)08-12-1993CH Dandyhow Claudius
Conundrum Logical (D)08-12-1993CH Dandyhow Claudius
CH/Am/Can CH Conundrum Leveller (D)08-12-1993CH Dandyhow Claudius
Conundrum Villikins At Matmakers (D)16-09-1995CH Dandyhow Claudius
Conundrum Veronica (B)16-09-1995CH Dandyhow Claudius
Conundrum Virginia (B)16-09-1995CH Dandyhow Claudius
CH/Ir CH Conundrum Vagabond With Terrijay (B)16-09-1995CH Dandyhow Claudius
Conundrum Victoria (B)16-09-1995CH Dandyhow Claudius
Conundrum Lindy Joe (B)05-10-1996CH Holcombe Jack Daniels
Conundrum Rose Marie (B)15-10-1996CH Holcombe Jack Daniels
Conundrum Twister (D)15-10-1996CH Holcombe Jack Daniels
Conundrum Whirlwind (D)15-10-1996CH Holcombe Jack Daniels
Conundrum Jim Beam (D)15-10-1996CH Holcombe Jack Daniels
Conundrum Hurricane (D)15-10-1996CH Holcombe Jack Daniels
Conundrum Ann Marie (B)15-10-1996CH Holcombe Jack Daniels
CH Otterkin Conundrum I Write the Songs (B)15-06-1997CH Otterkin Lyricist
CH Otterkin's Conundrum I Write the Songs (B)15-06-1997CH Otterkin Lyricist
Conundrum Chantilly Lace (B)15-06-1997CH Otterkin Lyricist
Am/Fin CH Conundrum Carpe Diem (D)15-06-1997CH Otterkin Lyricist
Conundrum Pure Coincidence For Brooksbys (B)15-06-1997CH Otterkin Lyricist
Conundrum Daphne (B)10-10-1998Conundrum Dalglish
Conundrum Golden Monkey (D)10-10-1998Conundrum Dalglish
Conundrum Crowdie And Cream (B)10-10-1998Conundrum Dalglish

Siblings of Otterkin Mystery Within Conundrum

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 6 records

Known AsDate 
CH Otterkin Blue Note (B)04-08-1991Same Litter
Otterkin Pilgrim (D)04-08-1991Same Litter
Otterkin Saxophonist (D)04-08-1991Same Litter
Otterkin Blues Singer (D)24-10-1992
Otterkin Knightingale (B)24-10-1992
Otterkin Roxanne (B)24-10-1992

Same Dam Siblings - 3 records

Known AsDateSire
Otterkin Freddy the Dreamer (D)04-09-1989CH Blue Maverick at Brumberhill
Otterkin Smart Move of Litchencroft (B)04-09-1989CH Blue Maverick at Brumberhill
Otterkin Song Sung Blue (B)04-09-1989CH Blue Maverick at Brumberhill

Same Sire Siblings - 95 records

Known AsDateDam
Callerton Cavalier (D)15-11-1986Birkhott Gyp
Northumbrian Lucky Gem (B)15-11-1986Birkhott Gyp
Belero's Beauty (B)20-04-1989Markay Shoola
Danielles Darling (B)20-04-1989Markay Shoola
Gateshead Grenadier (D)20-04-1989Markay Shoola
Saucy Pebbles (B)20-04-1989Markay Shoola
Loopy Lou (B)20-04-1989Markay Shoola
Scot Premier (D)01-06-1989Ayton Queen
Ayton Princes (B)01-06-1989Ayton Queen
Avon Lass (B)01-06-1989Ayton Queen
Jipsy Queen (B)01-06-1989Ayton Queen
Bonny Becky (B)08-03-1990Pontbeck Bonny Hinny
CH Another Scot (D)08-03-1990Pontbeck Bonny Hinny
Int/NL/Est/Den/Fin CH Double Scotch (D)08-03-1990Pontbeck Bonny Hinny
Joyful Poacher (D)02-04-1990Solo Joy
Joy Star (B)02-04-1990Solo Joy
Cherry Joy (B)02-04-1990Solo Joy
Drumma Guard (D)02-04-1990Solo Joy
Saxon Solo (D)02-04-1990Solo Joy
Rivers Rhapsody (B)19-06-1990Rusty Ring
Sewingshields Jasper (D)19-06-1990Rusty Ring
Battlesteads Kim (D)19-06-1990Rusty Ring
Rough Rider (D)20-08-1990Restless Rhapsody
Jethart Lass (B)20-08-1990Restless Rhapsody
Solo Seranade (B)20-08-1990Restless Rhapsody
Rough Rider (gb-90) (D)28-08-1990Restless Rhapsody
Breconbeds Ballerina (B)21-08-1991Breconbeds Maria
Breconbeds Enchantress (B)21-08-1991Breconbeds Maria
Breconbeds Mischief (B)21-08-1991Breconbeds Maria
Breconbeds Red Flair (B)21-08-1991Breconbeds Maria
Bessies Border Queen (B)14-10-1991Tansy's Honour
Highland Mist (B)14-10-1991Tansy's Honour
Scots Wa Hae (D)14-10-1991Tansy's Honour
Shooshine Lady (B)05-11-1991Markay Shoola
Shoo Shoo Again (B)05-11-1991Markay Shoola
Guardsmans Boy (D)05-11-1991Markay Shoola
Loweldon Stormtrooper (D)23-10-1992Loweldon Copper Earn
Loweldon Seamstress (B)23-10-1992Loweldon Copper Earn
Loweldon Sunbeam (B)23-10-1992Loweldon Copper Earn
Loweldon Sunshine (B)23-10-1992Loweldon Copper Earn
Am CH Loweldon Searcher Around Mardas (D)23-10-1992Loweldon Copper Earn
Loweldon Sunset (B)23-10-1992Loweldon Copper Earn
Princess Bess (B)10-11-1992Tansy's Honour
Queen Bessie (B)10-11-1992Tansy's Honour
Tobys Honour (D)10-11-1992Tansy's Honour
Richards Pride (D)10-11-1992Tansy's Honour
Scot Pride (D)10-11-1992Tansy's Honour
Prince of Scots (D)10-11-1992Tansy's Honour
Kentee Lady (B)10-11-1992Tansy's Honour
Pontbeck La Belle Dame (B)20-01-1993Pontbeck Canny Cushat
Pontbeck Envoy (D)20-01-1993Pontbeck Canny Cushat
Pontbeck Dulcimer Damsel (B)20-01-1993Pontbeck Canny Cushat
CH Otterkin Blue Angel (B)08-10-1993Otterkin Ruby Tuesday
Otterkin Jazz Singer (B)08-10-1993Otterkin Ruby Tuesday
Otterkin Lead Singer (D)08-10-1993Otterkin Ruby Tuesday
Otterkin Sweet Illusion At Kirise (B)08-10-1993Otterkin Ruby Tuesday
Otterkin Finnegan (D)08-10-1993Otterkin Ruby Tuesday
Pontbeck Lady Charlotte (B)09-12-1993Pontbeck Canny Cushat
Est/Fin CH Glenbucket Scot's Sodger (D)05-03-1994Jean's Bairn
Glenbucket Scot's Highlander (D)05-03-1994Jean's Bairn
Glenbucket Scot's Bylie Loon (D)05-03-1994Jean's Bairn
Dykeside Glentana (B)17-04-1994Dykeside Lady Caroline
Glenbucket Scot's Grenadier (D)23-09-1994Glenbucket Scot's Lass
Glenbucket Wanderer (D)23-09-1994Glenbucket Scot's Lass
Glenbucket Scot's Poacher (D)23-09-1994Glenbucket Scot's Lass
Lottisland Blue Bauble (B)15-10-1994Otterkin Blue Ribbon At Basvale
Lottisland Blue Parasol (B)15-10-1994Otterkin Blue Ribbon At Basvale
Lottisland Talking Point (B)15-10-1994Otterkin Blue Ribbon At Basvale
Rouge Royale (B)14-11-1994Reine Rouge
Rythmic Rymer (D)14-11-1994Reine Rouge
Dykeside Dusty Miller (D)28-11-1994Dykeside Lady Caroline
Dykeside Jeannie (B)28-11-1994Dykeside Lady Caroline
Glenbucket Another Jean (B)20-02-1995Jean's Bairn
Glenbucket Jack the Lad (D)20-02-1995Jean's Bairn
Primrose Gem (B)28-03-1995Rock Jasmine
Little Dot (B)28-03-1995Rock Jasmine
Little Willy (D)28-03-1995Rock Jasmine
Lairhope Ground Control (D)28-04-1995Linhope Lady
Est/Fin CH Mountain Maiden of Terras (B)28-04-1995Linhope Lady
Lairehope Ground Control (D)28-04-1995Linhope Lady
Glenbucket Blue Lady (B)25-09-1996Glenbucket Lady Emma
Glenbucket Highland Mist (B)25-09-1996Glenbucket Lady Emma
Glenbucket Proacher (D)25-09-1996Glenbucket Lady Emma
Glenbucket Misty Brown Eyes (B)25-09-1996Glenbucket Lady Emma
Glenbucket Lochnagary (D)25-09-1996Glenbucket Lady Emma
Beatrix of Bellsbrae (B)06-11-1996Linhope Lady
Spicey Lady (B)06-11-1996Linhope Lady
Lairhope Zowie (B)06-11-1996Linhope Lady
Scots Lass (B)06-11-1996Linhope Lady
Molly of Monzie (B)06-11-1996Linhope Lady
Oslek Lad (D)06-11-1996Linhope Lady
Dunoon Boy (D)06-11-1996Linhope Lady
Lottisland Spark of Joy (B)03-01-1997Lottisland Just Annie
Lottisland Fitz'n Starts (D)03-01-1997Lottisland Just Annie
Lottisland Sung Song Blue (B)03-01-1997Lottisland Just Annie