Digmoor Red Wine At Trentdale


Name:Digmoor Red Wine At Trentdale 
Owner(s): Johnson, Mrs. J.  
Breeder:Regan, S.& M. 

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Name History

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Siblings of Digmoor Red Wine At Trentdale

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 6 records

Known AsDate 
Digmoor Archers Lad (D)22-06-2003Same Litter
Digmoor Cross Bow (D)22-06-2003Same Litter
Digmoor Jolly June (B)22-06-2003Same Litter
Digmoor Stronbow (D)22-06-2003Same Litter
Digmoor Tazmanian Lady (B)22-06-2003Same Litter
Digmoor William Tell (D)22-06-2003Same Litter

Same Dam Siblings - 9 records

Known AsDateSire
Digmoor Bertie (D)18-10-2002Borterra Cracker Jack Xpinx
Digmoor Cognac At Trentdale (B)18-10-2002Borterra Cracker Jack Xpinx
Digmoor Dance Hall Dez (D)18-10-2002Borterra Cracker Jack Xpinx
Digmoor Eves Drop (B)18-10-2002Borterra Cracker Jack Xpinx
Digmoor Silver Rose (B)18-10-2002Borterra Cracker Jack Xpinx
Digmoor Staveleys Girl (B)18-10-2002Borterra Cracker Jack Xpinx
Digmoor Just A Hoot (D)12-02-2005CH Farmway Night Owl
Digmoor Ewok Star (B)12-02-2005CH Farmway Night Owl
Digmoor Jazzie Two Shoes (B)24-06-2006Sundance Kid at Digmoor

Same Sire Siblings - 53 records

Known AsDateDam
Roothill Lake (D)13-07-2002Double Diamond
Dandyhow Prima Donna (B)29-08-2002Dandyhow Madam Speaker
Dandyhow Billy the Kid (D)29-08-2002Dandyhow Madam Speaker
Dandyhow Dancing Queen (B)29-08-2002Dandyhow Madam Speaker
Dandyhow Prima Ballerina (B)29-08-2002Dandyhow Madam Speaker
CH Gameway Kiwi JW (D)18-09-2002Gameway Sapphire
Gameway Pink Lady (B)18-09-2002Gameway Sapphire
Gameway Sugar Almond (B)18-09-2002Gameway Sapphire
Gameway Red Cherry (B)18-09-2002Gameway Sapphire
Gameway Mandarin (D)18-09-2002Gameway Sapphire
Gameway Orange Pippin (D)18-09-2002Gameway Sapphire
Gameway Victoria Plum (B)18-09-2002Gameway Sapphire
Hartswelin Angel At Torryburn (B)19-09-2002Hartswelin Sweet Charity
Hartswelin Aramis (D)19-09-2002Hartswelin Sweet Charity
Hartswelin Dune (D)19-09-2002Hartswelin Sweet Charity
Hartswelin Jazz (B) (Slem: Clear)19-09-2002Hartswelin Sweet Charity
Hartswelin Paris (D)19-09-2002Hartswelin Sweet Charity
Hartswelin Oscar (D)19-09-2002Hartswelin Sweet Charity
Risdene Plain Speaking (B)23-03-2003Risdene Innuendo
Risdene Petition (D)23-03-2003Risdene Innuendo
Bel CH Hartswelin Little Tyke At Oatberry (D) (Slem: Clear)06-10-2003Hartswelin Sweet Charity
Hartswelin Tommy (D)06-10-2003Hartswelin Sweet Charity
Tyrian Flowering Laurel (B)25-10-2003Tyrian Blue Vixen
Tyrian Skykomish Sunrise (B)25-10-2003Tyrian Blue Vixen
Tyrian Archie (D)25-10-2003Tyrian Blue Vixen
Rafferty Fieldfare (D)03-12-2003Ruffenuff Always Another
Mungo of Mundham (D)03-12-2003Ruffenuff Always Another
Archibald Kingley (D)03-12-2003Ruffenuff Always Another
Rupert of Runcton (D)03-12-2003Ruffenuff Always Another
Badgerbeck Banshee (B)07-12-2003Miss Munch At Badgerbeck
Badgerbeck Beaujangles (D)07-12-2003Miss Munch At Badgerbeck
Badgerbeck Banner (D)07-12-2003Miss Munch At Badgerbeck
Badgerbeck Bonny (B)07-12-2003Miss Munch At Badgerbeck
Badgerbeck Bounty (D)07-12-2003Miss Munch At Badgerbeck
Badgerbeck Breeze (B)07-12-2003Miss Munch At Badgerbeck
Badgerbeck Buccaneer (D)07-12-2003Miss Munch At Badgerbeck
Apriline Jacks Boy (D)25-02-2004Havencreek Khamsin With Apriline
Apriline Golden Heart (D)25-02-2004Havencreek Khamsin With Apriline
Apriline Crackerjack (D)25-02-2004Havencreek Khamsin With Apriline
Kreative Keepsake (D)24-04-2004Tyrian River Queen
Fantastic Florence (B)24-04-2004Tyrian River Queen
Tyrian Bowstring (D)19-06-2004Tyrian Jezabel
Tyrian Quiver (D)19-06-2004Tyrian Jezabel
Tyrian Arrowshot (D)19-06-2004Tyrian Jezabel
Run For Gold (D)29-08-2004Quatford Deep Run
Carnival Day (D)29-08-2004Quatford Deep Run
Perfect Design (B)06-09-2004Blue Duster
South Hatch Jacob (D)06-09-2004Blue Duster
Gameway Cappuccino of Withershins ShCM (B)07-04-2005Gameway Sapphire
Fehmarn Kiss N Kuddle (B)27-05-2005Quatford Kiss 'n' Tell At Fehmarn
Hoary Morning (D)24-09-2005Quatford Deep Run
Baker's Delicious (B)24-09-2005Quatford Deep Run
Wyken Pippin (B)24-09-2005Quatford Deep Run