Photo Submission Terms and Conditions

1. In supplying an image, you grant the rights to display this image on our website in perpetuity. This means that the image will be publicly visible and might be downloaded by people who do not respect copyright.

2. For our part, we promise not to use the photo for any purpose other than the context under which it was supplied.

3. By submitting the image we assume you have the rights to do so, either because you hold the copyright for the image or you have the permission of the copyright holder.

4. Write to us if you have changed your mind and want the image removed. Please note that this will just involve us removing it from the public website. The image will not be removed from our backup media.

5. Submitted images are subject to moderation and we absolutely reserve the right not to use the image. Our decision is final.

6. The email address you supply with the photo is used purely for the purposes of communicating with you during the submission and approval process.

If you have any concerns about these terms, please contact us before submission as uploading an image will be deemed acceptance of these terms as described at the point at which you supplied the image.

We reserve the right to vary the terms from time to time.

Last changed March 27th 2014.