CH/Am/Can CH Conundrum Leveller


Name:CH/Am/Can CH Conundrum Leveller 
Colour:Grizzle and Tan 
Owner(s): Shoreman, M.; Orsi, Judith A.; Parker, D.G.&  
Breeder:Parker, D.G.& J.A. 

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Name History

This panel shows any name changes that we have been advised for this dog.

DateNew Name

Ancestors of CH/Am/Can CH Conundrum Leveller

Progeny of CH/Am/Can CH Conundrum Leveller - 163 records

Known AsDateBy
NL CH Conundrum Sorcerer (D)26-02-1995Lynsett Yahoo For Conundrum
Conundrum Sibyl (B)26-02-1995Lynsett Yahoo For Conundrum
Conundrum Sentinel (D)26-02-1995Lynsett Yahoo For Conundrum
Conundrum Sequin (B)26-02-1995Lynsett Yahoo For Conundrum
Conundrum Sequin (neut) (B)26-02-1995Lynsett Yahoo For Conundrum
Conundrum Silver Rose (B)26-02-1995Lynsett Yahoo For Conundrum
Rudanelian Crackerjack (D)19-03-1995Oriolton Threepenny Bit At Rudanelian
Rudanelian Red Tyler (D)19-03-1995Oriolton Threepenny Bit At Rudanelian
Rudanelian Pip Willow (B)19-03-1995Oriolton Threepenny Bit At Rudanelian
Rudanelian Lucky Lad (D)19-03-1995Oriolton Threepenny Bit At Rudanelian
Rudanelian First Alert (D)19-03-1995Oriolton Threepenny Bit At Rudanelian
Honeysuckle Lady (B)28-03-1995Lady Holly
Fuchsia Lady (B)28-03-1995Lady Holly
Tamarisk Lady (B)28-03-1995Lady Holly
Jasmine Lady (B)28-03-1995Lady Holly
Calcrufts Close (D)02-05-1995Muston Gorse
Lawn Hollow (B)02-05-1995Muston Gorse
CH Swallow Hole Beenaben (B)02-05-1995Muston Gorse
Salt Becks (D)02-05-1995Muston Gorse
Freeby Wood (B)02-05-1995Muston Gorse
Conundrum Uppercut (D)26-05-1995Conundrum Ra Berries
Conundrum Ultramarine (B)26-05-1995Conundrom Ra Berries
Conundrum Uptown Girl (B)26-05-1995Conundrum Ra Berries
Dyrow Rhythm And Blues (B)30-05-1995Conundrum Jitterbug
Dyrow Misty Dawn (B)30-05-1995Conundrum Jitterbug
Dyrow Masterpiece (D)30-05-1995Conundrum Jitterbug
Dyrow Jester (D)30-05-1995Conundrum Jitterbug
Dyrow Blueprint (B)30-05-1995Conundrum Jitterbug
Dyrow Canescent Gemini of Devamor (D)30-05-1995Conundrum Jitterbug
Dyrow Black Jack (D)30-05-1995Conundrum Jitterbug
Dyrow Debonair (D)30-05-1995Conundrum Jitterbug
Remmus Magic Wand (B)26-11-1995Storkeeper Turvy
Remmus Magic Trick (D)26-11-1995Storkeeper Turvy
Remmus Magic Spell (B)26-11-1995Storkeeper Turvy
Holmston Happyhour (D)05-12-1995Chiati Classico At Holmston
Holmston Wayfarer (D)05-12-1995Chiati Classico At Holmston
Holmston Helmsman (D)05-12-1995Chiati Classico At Holmston
Holmston What Else (B)05-12-1995Chiati Classico At Holmston
Holmston Rag Trade (D)05-12-1995Chiati Classico At Holmston
Holmston Heatseeker (D)05-12-1995Chiati Classico At Holmston
Lasto Daisy (B)11-01-1996Daleridge Beauty
Farth Dora (B)11-01-1996Daleridge Beauty
Hurla Delight (D)11-01-1996Daleridge Beauty
Thurl Pride (D)11-01-1996Daleridge Beauty
Urlas Beau (D)11-01-1996Daleridge Beauty
Baywillow Blue Moon (D)17-01-1996Baywillow Sunbelt
Conundrum Rebel Yell (D)29-01-1996Conundrom Ra Berries
Conundrum Rebel Again (D)29-01-1996Conundrom Ra Berries
Conundrum Yankee Colours (D)29-01-1996Conundrom Ra Berries
Conundrum Johny Reb (D)29-01-1996Conundrom Ra Berries
Conundrum Christie Goes To Brooksbys (B)29-01-1996Conundrum Ra Berries
Lydhurst Flyer (D)21-02-1996Spring Gold Tess
Jasmine Blarny Celebration (B)21-02-1996Spring Gold Tess
Kenwu Lullington Rogue (D)21-02-1996Spring Gold Tess
Kenwu Milton Jester (D)21-02-1996Spring Gold Tess
Carlie Midnight Dancer (B)21-02-1996Spring Gold Tess
Sulby Magical Briar (B)12-03-1996Wispa's Magical Midge
Sulby Magical Bramble (B)12-03-1996Wispa's Magical Midge
Bushbuster Blazing Star (D)14-03-1996Conundrum Paprika At Bushbuster
Bushbuster Icanfly (D)14-03-1996Conundrum Paprika At Bushbuster
Bushbuster Phoes Jack (D)14-03-1996Conundrum Paprika At Bushbuster
Bushbuster Sweetphoe (B)14-03-1996Conundrum Paprika At Bushbuster
Midshire Mistress (B)01-05-1996Conundrum Imelda At Brooksbys
Midshire Masterman (D)01-05-1996Conundrum Imelda At Brooksbys
Blazing Sun At Baywillow (B)04-06-1996Rubicon Regard
Rebel Chieftain of Rubicon (D)04-06-1996Rubicon Regard
Rimsand Three Lions (D)23-06-1996Rubicon Review
Rimsand Duo (B)23-06-1996Rubicon Review
Baywillow Sunseeker (B)11-07-1996Baywillow Sunbelt
Baywillow Hazy Blue (B)11-07-1996Baywillow Sunbelt
Dyrow Blue Button (B)14-07-1996Conundrum Jitterbug
Dyrow Bustler (B)14-07-1996Conundrum Jitterbug
Dyrow Bureaucrat (B)14-07-1996Conundrum Jitterbug
Dyrow Blue Moon (B)14-07-1996Conundrum Jitterbug
Dyrow Breakaway (B)14-07-1996Conundrum Jitterbug
Rempstone Rufus (D)19-08-1996Lynsett Yahoo For Conundrum
Pipistrell Puzzle (B)19-08-1996Lynsett Yahoo For Conundrum
Ichabod Jones For Conundrum (D)19-08-1996Lynsett Yahoo For Conundrum
Kestrel Hill (B)19-08-1996Lynsett Yahoo For Conundrum
Wordsmith Wonder (D)20-08-1996Storkeeper Topsy
Bolt Hole Bobby (D)20-08-1996Storkeeper Topsy
Medeaval Markand (D)20-08-1996Storkeeper Topsy
Blue Willow (B)20-08-1996Storekeeper Topsy
Tango Turnabout (B)20-08-1996Storkeeper Topsy
Beenaben Bivvy (D)11-10-1996Beenaben Bijou
Beenaben Bismarck (D)11-10-1996Beenaben Bijou
Beenaben Biscay of Royday (D)11-10-1996Beenaben Bijou
Beenaben Bierkeller (D)11-10-1996Beenaben Bijou
Beenaben Big Apple At Rocheby (B)11-10-1996Beenaben Bijou
Beenaben Biscay (D)11-10-1996Beenaben Bijou
Beenaben Bionic (D)11-10-1996Beenaben Bijou
Kirise Beau Venture (D)13-10-1996Otterkin Sweet Illusion At Kirise
Kirise Brandy Butter (B)13-10-1996Otterkin Sweet Illusion At Kirise
Kirise Bally Jewel (B)13-10-1996Otterkin Sweet Illusion At Kirise
Crichway Emma (B)16-11-1996Crichway Daisy
Crichway Eclipse (D)16-11-1996Crichway Daisy
Crichway Enforcer (D)16-11-1996Crichway Daisy
Crichway Endeavour (D)16-11-1996Crichway Daisy
Crichway Elaine (B)16-11-1996Crichway Daisy
Crichway Emblem For Jakabbea (D)16-11-1996Crichway Daisy
Elly Cole (B)23-11-1996Tilly Twoshoes
Charlie Hoyes (D)23-11-1996Tilly Twoshoes
Parsley Parsnip (B)23-11-1996Tilly Twoshoes
Sealwood Foxy (D)15-03-1997Lynsett Yahoo For Conundrum
Blackberry Wood (B)15-03-1997Lynsett Yahoo For Conundrum
Casper Boy (D)15-03-1997Lynsett Yahoo For Conundrum
Helpful Lad (D)15-03-1997Lynsett Yahoo For Conundrum
Remmus Filbert Fox (D)10-04-1997Storkeeper Turvy
Remmus Silver Fox (D)10-04-1997Storkeeper Turvy
Remmus Milly Molly Mandy (B)10-04-1997Storkeeper Turvy
Rudanelian Foxglove (B)06-06-1997Rudanelian Hazel
Rudanelian Design For Life (B)06-06-1997Rudanelian Hazel
Rudanelian Fly the Flag (B)06-06-1997Rudanelian Hazel
Bethane Saffron (B)19-09-1997Bethane Amaretto
Bethane Carrie Anne (B)19-09-1997Bethane Amaretto
Bethane Arabella (B)19-09-1997Bethane Amaretto
Bethane Raffles (D)19-09-1997Bethane Amaretto
Crichway Foxtrot (D)06-11-1997Crichway Daisy
Crichway Fly Away (D)06-11-1997Crichway Daisy
Blackmine Velvet Acorn (B)06-11-1997Blackmine Feathered Oak
Tipsy Tanning (B)01-04-1998Storkeeper Topsy
Brooksbys Dawn Break To Thewina (B)14-04-1998Brooksbys Just Tip Top
Brooksbys Hot Shot (D)15-04-1998Brooksbys Just Tip Top
Conundrum Bond James Bond (D)24-04-1998Conundrum Lindy Joe
Brooksbys Miss Marple (B)24-04-1998Brooksbys Just Chic
Am/Can CH Conundrum I'm No Angel (B)18-05-1998CH Otterkin Blue Angel
Molly Peggy (B)16-10-1998Rudanelian Jasmin
Holly Kay Among Brooksbys (B)16-10-1998Rudanelian Jasmin
Penticharm Level Best For Conundrum (B)21-11-1998Brumberhill Be Enchanted
Penticharm Harry (D)21-11-1998Brumberhill Be Enchanted
Brynrevel Fire Dance (B)14-12-1998Otterkin Moondance
Brynrevel Jenny Wren (B)14-12-1998Otterkin Moondance
Leveller's Joy (B)14-01-1999Daisy May Be
Conundrum Tiger Bay (D)30-01-1999CH Otterkin Blue Angel
Conundrum Sapphire Rose (B)30-01-1999CH Otterkin Blue Angel
Conundrum Lilac Wine of Gameway (B)30-01-1999CH Otterkin Blue Angel
Mowberry Poacher (D)18-04-1999Mowberry Easter Parade
Bedeslea Spring Fortune (D)27-04-1999Brindleoak Precocious of Bedeslea
Bedeslea Spring Sonata (B)27-05-1999Brindleoak Precocious of Bedeslea
Bedeslea Spring Solitude (B)27-05-1999Brindleoak Precocious of Bedeslea
Conundrum Twist of Fate (B)16-07-1999Conundrum Lindy Joe
Conundrum Wind of Change (B)16-07-1999Conundrum Lindy Joe
Conundrum Stitch In Time (B)16-07-1999Conundrum Lindy Joe
Conundrum Norwegian Wood (D)16-07-1999Conundrum Lindy Joe
Conundrum Pre-Raphaelite (B)16-07-1999Conundrum Lindy Joe
Brooksbys Karina (B)27-07-1999Brooksbys Just Tip Top
Brooksbys Lad of the Peak At Colmscot (D)27-07-1999Brooksbys Just Tip Top
Brooksbys Top Knotch (D)27-07-1999Brooksbys Just Tip Top
Miss Marple (B)28-07-1999Minstral Mischief
Crichway Hopscotch (D)27-11-1999Crichway Daisy
Coven Hills Fenella (B)01-04-2000Ballinderry Gem
Earl of Crantock (D)01-04-2000Ballinderry Gem
Issitt's Gem (B)01-04-2000Ballinderry Gem
Rutland's Bonny Border (B)01-04-2000Ballinderry Gem
Chiltern's Top Lad (D)01-04-2000Ballinderry Gem
Langham Gem (B)01-04-2000Ballinderry Gem
Brindleoak Crumble (B)25-06-2000Brindleoak Guinevere
Brindleoak Brimstone (B)25-06-2000Brindleoak Guinevere
Brindleoak Taz (D)25-06-2000Brindleoak Guinevere
Sherwood's Sulan Poppy (B)30-04-2001Sherwood's Spellbound
Firelands After All (B)04-04-2002Firelands Turia
Firelands Mystical Magical Mia (B)04-04-2002Firelands Turia
Brightwater Under the Sanddorn (D)09-05-2005Terrijay Gold

Siblings of CH/Am/Can CH Conundrum Leveller

Same Sire and Dam Siblings - 10 records

Known AsDate 
Conundrum Love Lace At Glenlorian (B)08-12-1993Same Litter
Conundrum Lightning (B)08-12-1993Same Litter
Conundrum Locket (B)08-12-1993Same Litter
Conundrum Lodestar (D)08-12-1993Same Litter
Conundrum Logical (D)08-12-1993Same Litter
Conundrum Villikins At Matmakers (D)16-09-1995
Conundrum Victoria (B)16-09-1995
Conundrum Veronica (B)16-09-1995
CH/Ir CH Conundrum Vagabond With Terrijay (B)16-09-1995
Conundrum Virginia (B)16-09-1995

Same Dam Siblings - 15 records

Known AsDateSire
Conundrum Lindy Joe (B)05-10-1996CH Holcombe Jack Daniels
Conundrum Whirlwind (D)15-10-1996CH Holcombe Jack Daniels
Conundrum Twister (D)15-10-1996CH Holcombe Jack Daniels
Conundrum Rose Marie (B)15-10-1996CH Holcombe Jack Daniels
Conundrum Ann Marie (B)15-10-1996CH Holcombe Jack Daniels
Conundrum Jim Beam (D)15-10-1996CH Holcombe Jack Daniels
Conundrum Hurricane (D)15-10-1996CH Holcombe Jack Daniels
Conundrum Pure Coincidence For Brooksbys (B)15-06-1997CH Otterkin Lyricist
Am/Fin CH Conundrum Carpe Diem (D)15-06-1997CH Otterkin Lyricist
Conundrum Chantilly Lace (B)15-06-1997CH Otterkin Lyricist
CH Otterkin's Conundrum I Write the Songs (B)15-06-1997CH Otterkin Lyricist
CH Otterkin Conundrum I Write the Songs (B)15-06-1997CH Otterkin Lyricist
Conundrum Daphne (B)10-10-1998Conundrum Dalglish
Conundrum Crowdie And Cream (B)10-10-1998Conundrum Dalglish
Conundrum Golden Monkey (D)10-10-1998Conundrum Dalglish

Same Sire Siblings - 342 records

Known AsDateDam
Dandyhow Bubble And Squeak (B)Dandyhow Bramble
Wee Dinkum (B)07-11-1992Fair Dinkum
CH Dandyhow Cleopatra (B)06-12-1992Incheril Mulberry of Dandyhow
Dandyhow Kirsty (B)06-12-1992Incheril Mulberry of Dandyhow
Dandyhow Chloe (B)06-12-1992Incheril Mulberry of Dandyhow
Dandyhow Clairvoyant (B)06-12-1992Incheril Mulberry of Dandyhow
Dandyhow Clematis (B)06-12-1992Incheril Mulberry of Dandyhow
Tividale Tobias (D)11-12-1992Dandyhow Hazy Daisy
Dandyhow Magic Solo (B)24-03-1993Incheril Sheer Magic of Dandyhow
Conneil Rustic Reiver (D)25-03-1993Conniel Arpicot Lace
Conneil Red Gauntlet (D)25-03-1993Conniel Arpicot Lace
Conneil Sweet Pea (B)25-03-1993Conneil Apricot Lace
Sandy Rennes (D)19-04-1993Kerry of Marvingston
Jake of Toad Hall (D)19-04-1993Kerry of Marvingston
Woodford Bonnie (B)19-04-1993Kerry of Marvingston
Windmill Way Robbie (D)19-04-1993Kerry of Marvingston
Tweedmouth Suzy (B)19-04-1993Kerry of Marvingston
Angus of Alduni (D)19-04-1993Kerry of Marvingston
Tossle Bob (D)19-04-1993Kerry of Marvingston
East Lothian Archie (D)19-04-1993Kerry of Marvingston
Shepherds Delight (D)03-07-1993Dunagiri Lhotse
Country Companion (D)03-07-1993Dunagiri Lhotse
Bright And Early (B)03-07-1993Dunagiri Lhotse
Sweet Jasmin (B)03-07-1993Dunagiri Lhotse
Ellwyn Ginty (B)14-07-1993Dandyhow Tap Dancer
Master Basil (D)18-07-1993Beth Gelert
Maple Berry (D)18-07-1993Beth Gelert
Magic Broom (B)18-07-1993Beth Gelert
Meadow Briar (D)18-07-1993Beth Gelert
Marsh Bramble (B)18-07-1993Beth Gelert
Muddy Bracken (D)18-07-1993Beth Gelert
Haylodge Cracker (D)20-07-1993Red Biddy of Haylodge
Haylodge Corrie (B)20-07-1993Red Biddy of Haylodge
Haylodge Astrum Jamie (D)20-07-1993Red Biddy of Haylodge
Haylodge Canny Laddie (D)20-07-1993Red Biddy of Haylodge
Haylodge Cadger (D)20-07-1993Red Biddy of Haylodge
Haylodge Castrum Jamie (D)20-07-1993Red Biddy of Haylodge
Haylodge Chancer (D)20-07-1993Red Biddy of Haylodge
Haughbrae Augustus (D)07-08-1993Matamba Belinda of Haughbrae (neut)
Haughbrae Juliana (B)07-08-1993Matamba Belinda of Haughbrae
Haughbrae Juliana of Otterston (B)07-08-1993Matamba Belinda of Haughbrae (neut)
Haughbrae Antonius (D)07-08-1993Matamba Belinda of Haughbrae (neut)
Haughbrae Octavia (B)07-08-1993Matamba Belinda of Haughbrae (neut)
Moncur Benjyman (D)06-09-1993Gowrie Gem
Master Bramble (D)06-09-1993Gowrie Gem
Mister Bracken (D)06-09-1993Gowrie Gem
Carse Bobby (D)06-09-1993Gowrie Gem
Dandyhow Out of the Blue (D)20-10-1993Dandyhow Winnie the Blue
Dandyhow Winsome Waif (B)20-10-1993Dandyhow Winnie the Blue
Red Label (D)01-11-1993Black Label
Wee Grizzle (B)01-11-1993Black Label
Bonnie Nipper (B)01-11-1993Black Label
Incheril Tibbie Dunbar (B)04-12-1993Incheril Magic Touch
Incheril Rum Deil (B)04-12-1993Incheril Magic Touch
Incheril Katie Bairdie (B)04-12-1993Incheril Magic Touch
Incheril Hollyberry (B)04-12-1993Incheril Magic Touch
Incheril Callant Lad (D)04-12-1993Incheril Magic Touch
Xerces Solo (B)19-12-1993Wild Honey
Garlton Garth (D)27-12-1993Philpstoun Ginger
Sagittarius Samantha (B)27-12-1993Philpstoun Ginger
Cunning Cobra (D)27-12-1993Philpstoun Ginger
Kirklandhill Kirsty (B)27-12-1993Philpstoun Ginger
Pollyanna Mischief (B)27-12-1993Philpstoun Ginger
Primrose Precious (B)02-01-1994Philpstoun Cinnamon
Haddington Henry (D)02-01-1994Philpstoun Cinnamon
Tip Toe Tim (D)02-01-1994Philpstoun Cinnamon
Pintsize Pip (D)02-01-1994Philpstoun Cinnamon
Cairndinnis Claudius (D)02-01-1994Philpstoun Cinnamon
Fragrance of Jasmine (B)08-02-1994Red Rayburn Wonder
Brodie's Earl (D)08-02-1994Red Rayburn Wonder
Chocolate Delight (D)08-02-1994Red Rayburn Wonder
Trinity Star (B)08-02-1994Red Rayburn Wonder
Georgefield Cubmaster (D)02-03-1994Miss Piggy
March Lady (B)02-03-1994Miss Piggy
Toddies Best (B)02-03-1994Miss Piggy
Dukes Lady (B)02-03-1994Miss Piggy
Peanuts Girl (B)02-03-1994Miss Piggy
Charming Tobias (D)13-03-1994Philpstoun Optima
Fragrant Meggie (B)13-03-1994Philpstoun Optima
Redscaur Calidonia (B)13-03-1994Philpstoun Optima
Remus Star (D)13-03-1994Philpstoun Optima
Deanston Benji-Boy (D)04-04-1994Teggsnose Joie De Vivre
Deanston Bobby-Dazzler (D)04-04-1994Teggsnose Joie De Vivre
Deanston Bam Bam (B)04-04-1994Teggsnose Joie De Vivre
Deanston Billy Bunter (D)04-04-1994Teggsnose Joie De Vivre
Deanston Barney Rubble (D)04-04-1994Teggsnose Joie De Vivre
Deanston Birke (B)04-04-1994Teggsnose Joie De Vivre
Deanston Bliss (B)04-04-1994Teggsnose Joie De Vivre
Lady Jemima (B)28-04-1994Ginger Nut (gb-92)
Relatively Special (B)18-05-1994Olympic Running Star
Pride of May (B)18-05-1994Olympic Running Star
Rainstorm Wizard (D)18-05-1994Olympic Running Star
Devilla Dandy (D)27-05-1994Dunagiri Lhotse
Foxspring Riser (B)27-05-1994Dunagiri Lhotse
Holly' Secret (B)27-05-1994Dunagiri Lhotse
Craik Boy (D)27-05-1994Dunagiri Lhotse
Achnagairn Ada (B)20-06-1994Achnagairn Piccolo
Achnagairn Morio (D)20-06-1994Achnagairn Piccolo
Achnagairn Vanda (D)20-06-1994Achnagairn Piccolo
Achnagairn Miltonia (D)20-06-1994Achnagairn Piccolo
Achnagairn Chantos (D)20-06-1994Achnagairn Piccolo
Florentyne Foxy (B)23-06-1994Cramond Katie
Burncastle Beauty (B)23-06-1994Cramond Katie
Earnscleugh Emma (B)23-06-1994Cramond Katie
Gairmuir Growler (D)23-06-1994Cramond Katie
Fell Borrow (D)23-07-1994Incheril Paprika
Mel Break (D)23-07-1994Incheril Paprika
Hel Vellyn (D)23-07-1994Incheril Paprika
Pillar Rock (D)23-07-1994Incheril Paprika
High Spy of Dandyhow (B)23-07-1994Incheril Paprika
Hay Stacks (D)23-07-1994Incheril Paprika
Cringletie Cthalanus (D)30-07-1994Cringletie Curlew
Cringletie Carousel (B)30-07-1994Cringletie Curlew
Cringletie Cornelia (B)30-07-1994Cringletie Curlew
Cringletie Cassandra (B)30-07-1994Cringletie Curlew
Cringletie Caspar (D)30-07-1994Cringletie Curlew
Maximillion Gold (D)16-08-1994Keness Softy
Wild Boy of Washington (D)16-08-1994Keness Softy
Brenkley Boy (D)16-08-1994Keness Softy
I'm Fine And Dandy (D)16-08-1994Keness Softy
Blue Boy of East Barns (D)16-08-1994Keness Softy
Smudge the Butler (B)24-08-1994Ginger Nut
Walnut Grove (D)24-08-1994Ginger Nut
Peanut King (D)24-08-1994Ginger Nut
Brazil Nut Laddie (D)24-08-1994Ginger Nut
Spanwise Who'da Thout It At Bonosue (D)26-08-1994Barley of Lutraden At Spanwise
Spanwise the Darker Side (D)26-08-1994Barley of Lutraden At Spanwise
Spanwise Twice As Nice (B)26-08-1994Barley of Lutraden At Spanwise
Spanwise Morning Dew (B)26-08-1994Barley of Lutraden At Spanwise
Spanwise Lady In Red (B)26-08-1994Barley of Lutraden At Spanwise
Spanwise Cardinal Red (D)26-08-1994Barley of Lutraden At Spanwise
Morridgehall Bramble (B)27-09-1994Kerry of Marvingston
Armistice Elite Deburg (B)27-09-1994Kerry of Marvingston
Rosslynlee Lad (D)27-09-1994Kerry of Marvingston
Marvingston Tiggywinkle (B)27-09-1994Kerry of Marvingston
Tag of Threipmuir (D)27-09-1994Kerry of Marvingston
Sally of Coltcrooks (B)27-09-1994Kerry of Marvingston
Tower Charlotte (B)27-09-1994Kerry of Marvingston
Lochburn Mike (D)04-10-1994Black Label
Lochburn Tinker (D)04-10-1994Black Label
Lochburn Roy (D)04-10-1994Black Label
Lochburn Nikki (B)04-10-1994Black Label
Lochburn Jake (D)04-10-1994Black Label
CH Pipruda Poachers Pocket (D)02-01-1995Pipruda Dark Destiny
Pipruda Legionnaire (D)02-01-1995Pipruda Dark Destiny
Pipruda High Commission (D)02-01-1995Pipruda Dark Destiny
Pipruda Centurion (D)02-01-1995Pipruda Dark Destiny
Pipruda Secret Plot (D)02-01-1995Pipruda Dark Destiny
Pipruda River Poacher (D)02-01-1995Pipruda Dark Destiny
Chalcedony Jewel (B)23-04-1995Loweldon Sunbeam
Delightful Beauty (B)23-04-1995Loweldon Sunbeam
Severn Sunset (D)23-04-1995Loweldon Sunbeam
Barleycorn Boy (D)23-04-1995Loweldon Sunbeam
Brindleoak Bountyfull (B)19-05-1995Brindleoak Battle On
Am CH Brindleoak Sir Galahad (D)19-05-1995Brindleoak Battle On
Brindleoak Brock (D)19-05-1995Brindleoak Battle On
Brindleoak Bracken (B)19-05-1995Brindleoak Battle On
Thornyhurst Eclipse (B)26-06-1995Thornyhurst Country Lass (neut)
Thornyhurst Escapade (D)26-06-1995Thornyhurst Country Lass
Thornyhurst Enchantress (B)26-06-1995Thornyhurst Country Lass
Thornyhurst Exodus (D)26-06-1995Thornyhurst Country Lass (neut)
Thornyhurst Escort (D)26-06-1995Thornyhurst Country Lass (neut)
Silliuns Sweetheart (B)05-07-1995Rubicon River Blue
Silliuns Pretty Woman (B)05-07-1995Rubicon River Blue
Silliuns Montys Manouvre (D)05-07-1995Rubicon River Blue
Silliuns Maddies Missy (B)05-07-1995Rubicon Riverblue
Silliuns Churchills Glory (D)05-07-1995Rubicon River Blue
Silliuns Willy Winkle (D)05-07-1995Rubicon River Blue
Gameway Alexander (D)20-08-1995Hawkesburn Bumble Bee of Gameway
Gameway Cassius (D)20-08-1995Hawkesburn Bumble Bee of Gameway
Gameway Julius (D)20-08-1995Hawkesburn Bumble Bee of Gameway
Olderhill Toffee (B)22-08-1995Olderhill Omega
Olderhill Tasmin of Cragfell (B)22-08-1995Olderhill Omega
Olderhill Tuppence (B)22-08-1995Olderhill Omega
Dandyhow Sporting Pink (B)06-09-1995Incheril Mulberry of Dandyhow
CH Dandyhow Private Eye (D)06-09-1995Incheril Mulberry of Dandyhow
Dandyhow Paris Match At Foxforest (B)06-09-1995Incheril Mulberry of Dandyhow
DK CH Dandyhow Sunday Times (D)06-09-1995Incheril Mulberry of Dandyhow
Starglade Banner (D)25-09-1995Melzar's Starmaker
Starglade Jack In A Box (D)25-09-1995Melzar's Starmaker
Starglade Razamataz (B)25-09-1995Melzar's Starmaker
Starglade Rags To Riches (B)25-09-1995Melzar's Starmaker
Starglade Highlander (D)25-09-1995Melzar's Starmaker
Starglade Molly Malone (B)25-09-1995Melzar's Starmaker
Starglade Ragamuffin (D)25-09-1995Melzar's Starmaker
Starglade Banner At Middlelock (D)25-09-1995Melzar's Starmaker
Withershins Lily Belle (B)08-10-1995Kelgram Eleanor
Rock Lad (D)08-10-1995Kelgram Eleanor
Sparkly Girl (B)08-10-1995Kelgram Eleanor
Hazel Nut of Jaslou (B)08-10-1995Kelgram Eleanor
Lilly Belle (B)08-10-1995Kelgram Eleanor
Katie May (B)08-10-1995Kelgram Eleanor
Kevin Charles (D)08-10-1995Kelgram Eleanor
Hazelnut of Jaslou (B)08-10-1995Kelgram Eleanor
Ragsdale Gaiety (B)15-10-1995Ramhill Rosie
Ragsdale Gambol At Tameila (B)15-10-1995Ramhill Rosie
Ragsdale Game Cock (D)15-10-1995Ramhill Rosie
Ragsdale Gambol (B)15-10-1995Ramhill Rosie
Ragsdale Gamekeeper (D)15-10-1995Ramhill Rosie
Ragsdale Saffon (B)15-10-1995Ramhill Rosie
Rain Again (B)06-11-1995Rolled Oats of Rubicon
Hoathwood Snow Warning (D)06-11-1995Rolled Oats of Rubicon
Hoathwood Rain Dance (B)06-11-1995Rolled Oats of Rubicon
Hoar Frost (B)06-11-1995Rolled Oats of Rubicon
Set Fair (B)06-11-1995Rolled Oats of Rubicon
Sudden Storm (D)06-11-1995Rolled Oats of Rubicon
Gentle Breeze (D)06-11-1995Rolled Oats of Rubicon
Rubicon Renewed (B)16-11-1995CH Rubicon Reserve
Rubicon Registrar (D)16-11-1995CH Rubicon Reserve
Rubicon Restawile (B)16-11-1995CH Rubicon Reserve
Sweet Basil (D)23-02-1996Dandyhow Bramble
Rosehip Scrumpet (B)23-02-1996Dandyhow Bramble
Whim Wham (B)23-02-1996Dandyhow Bramble
Priscilla Pink (B)23-02-1996Dandyhow Bramble
Bubble And Squeak (B)23-02-1996Dandyhow Bramble
Gay Cavalier (D)06-03-1996Triggerville Octavia
Highland Tartan Millie of Triggerville (B)06-03-1996Triggerville Octavia
Fabulous Lover (D)06-03-1996Triggerville Octavia
Pretty Foxy Lady (B)06-03-1996Triggerville Octavia
Little Lady Megan (B)06-03-1996Triggerville Octavia
Prince Rupert of Triggerville (D)06-03-1996Triggerville Octavia
Penlumeg Paul (D)28-03-1996Penlumeg Perdita
Penlumeg Peter At Charlaur (D)28-03-1996Penlumeg Perdita
Penlumeg Pricilla (B)28-03-1996Penlumeg Perdita
Starmore Oscar (D)29-04-1996Badgerbeck Pip At Starmore
Starmore Oliver (D)29-04-1996Badgerbeck Pip At Starmore
Starmore Opal (B)29-04-1996Badgerbeck Pip At Starmore
Starmore Ollie (D)29-04-1996Badgerbeck Pip At Starmore
Dandyhow Western Mail (D)11-05-1996Incheril Mulberry of Dandyhow
Dandyhow Glasgow Herald (D)11-05-1996Incheril Mulberry of Dandyhow
Dandyhow Daily Mail (D)11-05-1996Incheril Mulberry of Dandyhow
Dandyhow Country Life (B)11-05-1996Incheril Mulberry of Dandyhow
Dandyhow Harvard Review (D)11-05-1996Incheril Mulberry of Dandyhow
Dandyhow Cosmopolitan At Gameway (B)11-05-1996Incheril Mulberry of Dandyhow
Serene Amber (B)26-06-1996Kenue Beauty
Banbury Boy (D)26-06-1996Kenue Beauty
Crystal Topaz (B)26-06-1996Kenue Beauty
Juno of Shrewsbury (D)26-06-1996Kenue Beauty
Berrhill Sapphire (B)26-06-1996Kenue Beauty
Sunnyhill Red Tag (D)09-07-1996Squal Peggie Su
Foxdene Grenadier (D)09-07-1996Squal Peggie Su
Nortons Damselfly (B)09-07-1996Squal Peggy Sue
Gentle Georgia (B)09-07-1996Squal Peggy Sue
Rumsted Red Quill (D)09-07-1996Squal Peggie Su
Gorhamwood May Fly (B)09-07-1996Squal Peggy Sue
D/L/NL/INT CH Gameway Jacobs Coat (D)30-07-1996Dandyhow Blue Sue of Gameway
Gameway London Pride (D)30-07-1996Dandyhow Blue Sue of Gameway
Gameway Periwinkle (D)30-07-1996Dandyhow Blue Sue of Gameway
Gameway Snapdragon (B)30-07-1996Dandyhow Blue Sue of Gameway
Gameway Ginger Mint (B)30-07-1996Dandyhow Blue Sue of Gameway
Digmoor Shooting Star (B)13-09-1996Digmoors Charlie's Girl
Digmoor Crystal Ball At Farmway (B)13-09-1996Digmoors Charlie's Girl
Digmoor Gypsy Rose (B)13-09-1996Digmoors Charlie's Girl
Digmoor Roaming Lass (B)13-09-1996Digmoors Charlie's Girl
Gorhambank October Moon (D)26-10-1996Gorhambank Gin Fizz
Gorhambank Tawny Owl (D)26-10-1996Gorhambank Gin Fizz
Gorhambank Harvest Moon (B)26-10-1996Gorhambank Gin Fizz
Starglade Pollyanna (B)07-05-1997Melzar's Starmaker
Starglade Rowena (B)07-05-1997Melzar's Starmaker
Starglade Rosie O'Grady (B)07-05-1997Melzar's Starmaker
Starglade Contessa (B)07-05-1997Melzar's Starmaker
Starglade Eleanor (B)07-05-1997Melzar's Starmaker
Supra Sassenach (D)04-06-1997Rubicon Replica At Supra
Supra Sisko (D)04-06-1997Rubicon Replica At Supra
Supra Savior-Faire (B)04-06-1997Rubicon Replica At Supra
Marlas Sweet Angelica (B)06-09-1997Squal Peggie Su
Cassandra Bizzie Lizzie (B)06-09-1997Squal Peggie Su
Brehill Piper of Gloster (B)05-03-1998Brehill Double Gloster
Brehill Glorious Gloster (D)05-03-1998Brehill Double Gloster
Bedeslea Spring Thyme (D)14-04-1998Brindleoak Precocious of Bedeslea
Bedeslea Spring Blossom At Nookshot (B)14-04-1998Brindleoak Precocious of Bedeslea
Ottaswell Mystique (B)16-05-1998Rubicon Rhapsody In Blue At Ottaswell
CH Ottaswell Superstition (D)16-05-1998Rubicon Rhapsody In Blue At Ottaswell
Ottaswell Magic Touch (B)16-05-1998Rubicon Rhapsody In Blue At Ottaswell
Musical Minnie (B)26-05-1998Naughty Marietta
Burlington Bert (D)26-05-1998Naughty Marietta
Risdene Innuendo (B)27-06-1998CH Syrosa Dizzy Damsel
Risdene I (B)27-06-1998CH Syrosa Dizzy Damsel
Dusky Dan At Keecroft (D)13-07-1998Marton Meg
Hartswelin Sweet Charity (B)01-09-1998Brynadamm Secret Wispa At Hartswelin
Fiadhach Caolan (D)22-09-1998Scots Lass
Farmway Winter Wren (B)07-01-1999Farmway Toocan Tango
Farmway Winter Warbler (B)07-01-1999Farmway Toocan Tango
Farmway Wicked Wigeon With Justrite (B)07-01-1999Farmway Toocan Tango
Farmway Winter Wagtail (B)07-01-1999Farmway Toocan Tango
An Talamh Dearg (D)12-03-1999Tiercel Calumet
Raljo Marksman (D)19-06-1999Glorron Liberty of Raljo
Feisty First (B)27-07-1999Tweedle Dee
Hartswelin Truffles (B)16-10-1999Brynadamm Secret Wispa At Hartswelin
Hartswelin Raffles (D)16-10-1999Brynadamm Secret Wispa At Hartswelin
Blue Duster (B)18-10-1999Double Diamond
Hartswelin Noodles (D)26-10-1999Brynadamm Secret Wispa At Hartswelin
Hartswelin Tiffins (B)26-10-1999Brynadamm Secret Wispa At Hartswelin
Hartswelin Pippins (D)26-10-1999Brynadamm Secret Wispa At Hartswelin
Hartswelin Tipples (D)26-10-1999Brynadamm Secret Wispa At Hartswelin
Tyche Druim Shionnach (B)02-11-1999Copperfox Cork Elm
Burgham Jcb (D)24-05-2000Chichimia Toffee
Adorable Flora (B)24-05-2000Chichimia Toffee
Saffron Tinka (B)24-05-2000Chichimia Toffee
Woodend Compo (D)24-05-2000Chichimia Toffee
Barsetta Dragon Destiny (D)01-08-2000CH Barsetta Burning Mists
Parradox Terracotta Tam (D)05-08-2000Storkeeper Topsy
Parradox Passementiere (B)05-08-2000Storkeeper Topsy
Parradox Arrabesque Boy (D)05-08-2000Storkeeper Topsy
Barsetta Wicked Witch (B)11-08-2000CH Barsetta Burning Mists
Barsetta Little Fairy (B)11-08-2000CH Barsetta Burning Mists
Barsetta Time Warrior (D)11-08-2000CH Barsetta Burning Mists
Barsetta Lord of the Rings (D)11-08-2000CH Barsetta Burning Mists
Barsetta Dragons Destiny (D)11-08-2000CH Barsetta Burning Mists
Barsetta Samantha (B)11-08-2000CH Barsetta Burning Mists
Dandyhow Bombay MIX (D)04-10-2000CH Dandyhow Bedazzled
Dandyhow Bagel Chip (D)04-10-2000CH Dandyhow Bedazzled
Dandyhow Cheese Straw of Lasangara (D)04-10-2000CH Dandyhow Bedazzled
Dandyhow Twiglet (B)04-10-2000CH Dandyhow Bedazzled
Dandyhow Hula Hoop (B)04-10-2000CH Dandyhow Bedazzled
Tillybrig Tommy Tucker (D)12-10-2000Tillybrig Miss Molly
Tillybrig Suzy Qu (B)12-10-2000Tillybrig Miss Molly
Stenigot Tot of Talisker (D)22-11-2000Weenen Willing Tonight of Stenigot
Stenigot Tot of Glenfarclas (D)22-11-2000Weenen Willing Tonight of Stenigot
Stenigot Tot of Glengrant (D)22-11-2000Weenen Willing Tonight of Stenigot
Stenigot Tot of Tobermory (D)22-11-2000Weenen Willing Tonight of Stenigot
Stenigot Tot of Dalwhinnie (B)22-11-2000Weenen Willing Tonight of Stenigot
Hartswelin Love Song (B)24-09-2001Brynadamm Secret Wispa At Hartswelin
Hartswelin Love Star (B)24-09-2001Brynadamm Secret Wispa At Hartswelin
Hartswelin Life Size (D)24-09-2001Brynadamm Secret Wispa At Hartswelin
Hartswelin Last Seen At Brinford (B)24-09-2001Brynadamm Secret Wispa At Hartswelin
Nantchwith Matthiola (B)28-11-2001Nantchwith Mattie
Brynrevel Firefly (B)29-12-2001Brynrevel Fire Dance
Stenigot Our Wee Rascal (D)01-02-2002Weenen Willing Tonight of Stenigot
Stenigot the Ragamuffin (D)01-02-2002Weenen Willing Tonight of Stenigot
Stenigot Rattle On (B)01-02-2002Weenen Willing Tonight of Stenigot
Stenigot Lets Rummage (B)01-02-2002Weenen Willing Tonight of Stenigot
Stenigot Kick Up A Rumpus (B)01-02-2002Weenen Willing Tonight of Stenigot
Stenigot Ride Roughshod (D)01-02-2002Weenen Willing Tonight of Stenigot
Dandyhow Dogger (D)12-02-2002CH Dandyhow Bedazzled
Dandyhow Biscay (B)12-02-2002CH Dandyhow Bedazzled
Dandyhow Shannon (B)12-02-2002CH Dandyhow Bedazzled
Dandyhow Fitzroy (D)12-02-2002CH Dandyhow Bedazzled
Dandyhow Fastnet (D)12-02-2002CH Dandyhow Bedazzled
Dandyhow German Bight (D)12-02-2002CH Dandyhow Bedazzled
Dandyhow Portland (D)12-02-2002CH Dandyhow Bedazzled
Middas Twiglet (B)18-05-2002Scarlet Meadow Musk